Biden Pushes Mandatory Covid Vaccines

The fact check says that this psycho looking bitch said exactly what she said, but it meant something good, and not bad.

The USA, or (somebody in the USA), manufactured a biological weapon and released it on the world on purpose, to implement a global domination plan they call the new world order.

One element of the plan was ID2020, a digital ID system that might include invisible barcode tattoos using quantum dot technology to brand people like cattle so they could be scanned, like products, but in reverse.

You had to buy their products, and be scanned to see if you did, but here’s the kicker. You don’t even get the choice to buy the product, it wasn’t even you paying the money, it was the government you pay taxes to, and they didn’t even get a choice either, although some countries banned some vaccines.

If a president or prime minister of a country decided they wouldn’t participate in the terrorist plot of auctioning off their citizens like cattle, they would be assassinated like the leaders of Tanzania, Haiti, Zambia, etc.

The fact check said that didn’t happen, which means it probably did. That’s the general gist of fact checks. They’re lies, paid for by the terrorist globalist corporate criminals.

Is there anyone who isn’t going along with the plan? Well, the leader of Brazil, Bolsonaro is fairly loudly against mandates, and he marches with the people in massive freedom protests.

He walks with the people, gets in the crowd and shakes their hands, and as he said, “I’d like them to go out in the street and see how they’re received.”

Kind of a different reaction to the French president Macron getting slapped in the face, although Bolsonaro was stabbed three years ago from getting out in the crowds, so not everyone likes him.

It didn’t deter him however, and he seems to legitimately want power for the people, and not power for the government alone, which puts him in a very small group of populist leaders.

I honestly don’t know how anyone could have a different attitude if they were for the people in a poor country like that, as lockdowns caused extreme poverty and starvation when people could not afford to stay home from work.

Millions of people starved to death, more than died from the virus, which was made in the lab, before people like Fauci announced that it would be released, he said there will be a surprise outbreak in 2017.

So, the main point that US senators are themselves beginning to make is, he needs to go to jail, for his crimes, for doing the gain of function, on the virus, or paying for it, through the NIH, and Eco Health Alliance, and lying to congress about it.

That would be like the first thing you would do, some would say you would cut his head off and throw it in a wood chipper.

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The harder they push how deadly this virus is, the more people want to kill them, for what they did.

That’s exactly how about half the people feel about it, if not more around the world, and if you pledge your allegiance to that same new world order, and push that crap on me, see what happens.

Your weakness or susceptibility to be brainwashed and willfully ignorant will not be seen as an excuse if you try to force any of these tyrannical mandates for these terrorist criminals.

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