Dealing With These Maniacs We Have Over Here

When asked about the toughest part of his presidency, Trump said it was surviving, and he said that multiple times. Surviving, surviving, and that is likely the problem he faced if he went against the wrong people too hard.

He talks about the fake media, but there is of course a fake laugh track on this interview, unless you think there was a real live audience laughing at what he was saying.

I’m not laughing.

Just that alone gives me reason to doubt anything and everything, including the intentions of Trump, the intentions of Fox News, and even the whole United States, and everyone in the world.

The power these massive corporations have is such that almost anywhere you go in the world, someone will have an opinion, either for or against this whole covid narrative, the masks, the vaccines, the lockdowns, the alternative treatments, etc.

Why do they need to have any opinion at all? They wouldn’t even think about it if they weren’t forced to. Wouldn’t even register as a blip on the radar, average age eighty something, give me a break. That’s when people die, period.

The only thing they have to rely on to form those opinions is the media, which is usually corporate media, not always, but it’s hard to tell when influencers have been paid or brainwashed.

It appears to have a good side, and a bad side, or a left side and a right side, but if you’re seeing it at all, chances are it was influenced by the same big money propaganda machine.

The divide and conquer propaganda is a colonization and invasion strategy for imperialist occupation, and even while that may be obvious, it also isn’t entirely clear where it starts, or where it ends, especially now.

To his credit, Trump says people should be free to do what they want, take the vaccine, don’t take the vaccine, but he continues to spread lies about it even working at all, let alone the side effects that millions experienced, as it’s being forced on people all around the world with a vaccine passport or mandates.

It was part of a plan that involved 196 countries signing onto a global digital identity “alliance” years ago, ID2020, and that was only part of it, they signed on to “whole of government” simulation exercises for pandemic preparedness.

66 recommendations from the World Health Organization who made the virus in the lab, and released it on purpose as a simulation of a deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen.

Germ games, they planned the entire thing for years. It’s not a small plandemic, even if it is just a bad flu season.

They were so effective in destroying all trust in all media and all politicians, and all doctors and experts, I don’t even know if it actually happened or if they just made the whole thing up, but what I do know is they need to die, for real, and the need for that to happen grows the longer it goes on.

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Maybe need is a strong word. Maybe not Trump, I don’t know, he’s possibly a main player, which is kind of a problem, considering who he was supposed to be, the president of the USA.

I mean, did he have a lack of weapons? Did he have a lack of soldiers? Did he need money? Was there a clear and present danger from a legit enemy of humanity? Seemed like it to me, that’s what he said himself.

If there was anything that stopped him it was only his own will, and I have said I’m pretty sure he’s one of them, whoever “they” might happen to think they are.

The only place you find a laugh track anymore is not on sitcoms but on “talk shows” interviewing the former president of the USA during a manufactured crisis that seems to be shaping up to be world war three. Interesting.

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