Alternative Treatments For Covid Were Suppressed

Before I try to convince you of anything else, here’s a scientific paper that says budesonide works, and here’s one that says ivermectin works.

Here’s a link where you can see people commenting early this year about the stated reason why they weren’t using a drug that showed a 90% decrease in hospitalization in covid patients: it could spread the virus.

Look at him, he actually said that, because the Victorian health advice said that, supposedly because they were getting “health advice” from somewhere, like the WHO, which is China and the globalists, who made and released the virus on purpose and told you they were going to do all of this before they did.

It takes a bit of processing power for people to understand that. They have cognitive dissonance, takes a few thousand times showing them how they told you they planned it themselves before they believe it, and half the time they don’t.

They are part of a Satanic cult or secret society of some description, perhaps so secret that I can’t even tell you with any certainty exactly what that is, or how they operate, but it’s the same one Hitler was in.

It’s the same one Stalin was in, it’s the same one Trump and Angela Merkel is in, and it’s not just because they’re doing the hand signals, they’re doing everything as if following a script.

They’re puppets, they got strings on their hands, they dance like Pinocchio, wishing they were a real boy with a nose that grows longer the more they lie while falsely thinking that gives them the power.

I don’t want to make jokes about this stuff, these are the most evil pieces of crap in the world, trying to take over the world through the guise of health, with the biological weapon they attacked us with, if there even is one, it’s at least partially made up, a simulation.

Minimum sentence is death, if you can kill them, if they are identified and identifying themselves as a part of a secret society that continually runs genocidal eugenics programs on the population of the entire world.

That’s an even harder thing for anyone to grasp, like Hitler shot himself, if he didn’t escape to South America, but you’re meant to kill Hitler, you’re not meant to not kill him, even if you’re German.

Hard as that may be to believe, sometimes it’s your own government who are most dangerous to their own people and they have to go, sometimes.

That’s how that works, in theory, although they said after the suitcase bomb (allegedly attempted by high ranking German officials), even the allies stopped trying to kill Hitler because he was so mentally unstable they were more likely to win the war by leaving him alive.

That’s what they said, these people who funded both sides of every war ever, who were controlling all of these other gullible sheep through their propaganda and brainwashing.

That war ended with two nukes being dropped on Japan, and ever since then, the prospect of world war three kept everyone ever so slightly hesitant to go into a full scale war with any large superpower.

The other problem is of course, all the countries who have nukes, have leaders who are almost certainly part of this big club, or the majority of them are.

So that leaves you with a game of chicken. If you kill them from within, would they nuke their own country?

Do they have troops that will follow orders to kill their “own” people based on refusal to take an experimental vaccine?

How willing are they to play along with suicidal orders from “above” or is there ever a time they just opt out of the Satanic cult and it’s schemes and lies?

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An open question, which has never really been answered properly, or even had anyone make a significant dent in this evil power structure, for long.

But it flows in and out, of the lives of ordinary people, like the tides, or like breathing, and evil is only capable of pushing so hard before it destroys itself, by it’s own nature.

“There are men in this world,” he said, “who go about demanding to be killed. You must have noticed them. They quarrel in gambling games, they jump out of their automobiles in a rage if someone so much as scratches their fender, they humiliate and bully people whose capabilities they do not know. I have seen a man, a fool, deliberately infuriate a group of dangerous men, and he himself without any resources. These are people who wander through the world shouting, ‘Kill me. Kill me.’ And there is always somebody ready to oblige them.”

Don Corleone from The Godfather
Yeah, I’m starting to come around to the genocide idea again.

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