Treasonous Terrorist Psychopaths Attack

These bastards look like this because they’re expecting people to come kill them any day now, because they really should. Not them specifically, but the government, but they didn’t actually do that at all, at least not yet.

I’m running out of adjectives to describe these people, but I know I’m not alone in seeing the brutality and treason of this attack on the citizens of the entire world and their freedom.

A vicious, never ending attack by corrupt government minions of corporate criminal monsters, imperialist elites, or whatever they are, the global mafia, the WEF and the UN.

The new world order, which is exactly what it sounds like, not that there wasn’t already many of those systems in place, but they’re seeing how much they can screw people over with their pyramid of power.

I’m playing the Godfather video game on the PS2, you threaten store owners for protection money, but if you push them too far, they fight back, and the mafia family protecting them will try to kill you.

Domination and intimidation from legit psychopaths and easily brainwashed morons giving up democracy and freedom for the rest of us, for a ridiculously false sense of security.

I don’t know how many people there are who think that this vaccine is important enough for the health of 82 year olds that the unvaccinated are a threat to the vaccinated, at work, but that makes no sense at all, even if it worked, and it doesn’t stop transmission at all.

Not in any universe does that make any sense, but they are killing people through nurses quitting their jobs at hospitals because they don’t want to be forced to take this experimental and deadly shot that is killing children who don’t need it.

They are banning treatments that work, so it isn’t about health, it’s an attack on health, for the purpose of medical tyranny or a totalitarian takeover through medical malpractice.

They are denying life saving surgery to people who don’t take the shot, they are pushing people to the point where they fight back with weapons, to see how far they can push people before they lose it, just to see what happens and when that is.

You think forcing people to do something irrational and immoral is important enough to fight a war? Are you going to personally fight on that side and die for that cause?

Because I’ll kill you myself with my bare hands if I have to, and don’t think I didn’t learn how to do that a long time ago. You laugh, but wait until you see ten thousand, hundred thousand of me.

I saw what they did immediately, I told people what they did immediately, most people just couldn’t process the level of evil of what I was saying they were capable of, and so it just went over their head.

It was about a dozen times Bill Gates said he was a Satanist and he was trying to kill you with vaccines, but people didn’t hear it, if they didn’t want to hear it, which is how that crap continues.

It’s a crazy conspiracy theory, that any government could ever be evil enough to kill millions of their own people, even though that happened to over a quarter of a billion people last century.

We’re in world war three, they started it, you’re either on that side, supporting the destruction of our entire system to put us in concentration camps and sterilize and exterminate us, literally, or you’re not.

It really is that simple, and I’ve seen them arrest people violently for things like not wearing a mask, even pepper spraying little girls, but where there is no resistance, all you have is slavery.

While I appreciate that it’s not entirely easy to fight people who began this war by attacking the world with weapons of mass destruction, you can win small battles, at the very least.

I’m just not doing any of it, ever, you can put me in jail, so then I’ll be in jail, with some new friends to convince about how much the police suck, and I’m sure they’ll agree, but they probably didn’t know how much they suck now though.

One thought on “Treasonous Terrorist Psychopaths Attack

  1. Notes from my recent zoom meetings:

    Atty no authority notice – case is fraud – man issuing motion to dismiss case for fraud and error and mistaken identity and unconscionable contract and unlawful conversion

    by 18 years old you make an oath of office or personate (felony)
    You need a board of directors to be able to hire an attorney (most attorneys are not properly hired, and their shit is fraud)
    Man not subject to attorney’s contract law or UCC (“silence is consent” is bullshit but you must tell them this in the form of a Trebek/Question)

    not impersonating title 19 officers at the store or register – just take the food, no need to use internal military script as a US Person 1 USC 1: “insane persons” –
    7 usc 2201 DoAg distribute disburse food and seed and information about health and nutrition, not to charge

    get rid of sherriffs: we are not in the state (District of Columbia, or 28 USC 3002 15 a,c Franchise “State Of State”)

    1) We cannot be a “you” (20 CFR 422-0402e) and that elimiates peronal jurisdiction
    2) we are hardly ever “in the state” takes away from territorial jurisdiction
    3) Not enagaged in foreign interestate commerce: subject matter jurisdiction

    Not qualified to have or use a legal name
    Not qualified to have or use or apply for a number

    Form 14 242 – Not required to give any information
    Then why do I need to apply for information

    Shutting off phone is cutting off a vital health line and they can’t do that (it’s a crime)

    Writeup for Study —–

    “1 USC 1 states that I, a living and breathing man of sound mind and competence to govern my own vessel and affairs was not invited to participate in any act of Congress nor your systems, rules, policies, statutes, codes or regulations.

    1 U.S. Code § 1 – Words denoting number, gender, and so forth

    In determining the meaning of any Act of Congress, unless the context indicates otherwise—

    words importing the singular include and apply to several persons, parties, or things;

    words importing the plural include the singular;

    words importing the masculine gender include the feminine as well;

    words used in the present tense include the future as well as the present;

    the words “insane” and “insane person” shall include every idiot, insane person, and person non compos mentis;

    the words “person” and “whoever” include corporations, companies, associations, firms, partnerships, societies, and joint stock companies, as well as individuals;

    “officer” includes any person authorized by law to perform the duties of the office;

    “signature” or “subscription” includes a mark when the person making the same intended it as such;

    “oath” includes affirmation, and “sworn” includes affirmed;

    “writing” includes printing and typewriting and reproductions of visual symbols by photographing, multigraphing, mimeographing, manifolding, or otherwise.

    (July 30, 1947, ch. 388, 61 Stat. 633; June 25, 1948, ch. 645, § 6, 62 Stat. 859; Oct. 31, 1951, ch. 655, § 1, 65 Stat. 710; Pub. L. 112–231, § 2(a), Dec. 28, 2012, 126 Stat. 1619.)

    In truth and fact it states that it is illegal for me to participate unless I am an insane person that needs governance, who took office with oath, through signature in writing and became an officer.

    It also states that by this very premise that it is illegal for you to speak to me, or contract with me and can cause you to lose your position within your fictitious system if you do so.

    It also states that your Acts of Congress, your statutes, codes, policies and regulations are meant only for yourselves and can only be enforced upon yourselves.

    This alone, per your definition, proves that you who created these codes are not of sound mind, are insane idiots who lack comprehension, simply by your own will to choose to participate in a fictitious system disconnected from truth and reality, thus cannot govern over your own selves, thus Have no jurisdiction, nor authority and cannot competently Govern over any flesh and blood man, thus by default makes all living men FREE of your offerings.

    So, by the mere fact that I was not invited to your party, I am not under any obligation to participate in your criminal activity and acquire your passports to Travel or heed your Court Orders or pay any mind to your mutterings, ramblings, ravings or any other lunacy broadcast through television. Any attempt to create an arrest warrant creates criminal trespass under your own law and violates the international laws set up by your accomplices in the madhouse racket called “Legal System” and “Code” and then additionally creates a death penalty requirement for violation of the sacred law at Deuteronomy 24:7 for anyone involved in the warrant or arrest or attempted arrest.

    It would be illegal by your own laws to stop me and my family from traveling freely upon the earth competently overseeing our own journey, for Yahuah protects my comings and going and I travel always with Him.

    I am also not under any obligation to participate in your medical experimentations including “COVID” testing or “Vaccines” due to your definition of singular and plural because if one living breathing man has been vaccinated, they all have and are not subject to any further Illegal infringement by your party that I was not invited to, thus excludes me and my family from participation in any and all executive orders. Concerning such executive orders, the civil war is over by joint vote of the American Federation at https://tasa.AmericanStateNationals.Org/federal-record and all executive orders and lieber codes are now a nullity and void. All emergency powers are now a nullity and void.

    Being that you include the future and the past as one, then I am not subject to your laws in any time, space nor place on Earth or any other part of my father’s vast creation. Because you are insane, I hereby remind you that my father by adoption and covenant is Yahuah, also known to many as “The LORD” and “The Lord God” and “The Sovereign Lord God” and “The Supreme Ruler of the Universe”, for there are many whom are afraid of speaking his name. He is the sole authority over me and there is no other authorized by any means.

    In truth and fact, you have included that the singular includes all person, parties or things. You have stated by your own definition that “Person” includes corporations, companies, associations, firms, partnerships, societies, and joint stock companies, as well as individuals;

    Given the fact that I and my family are living breathing men of flesh and blood and not a corporation, company, association, firm, partnership, society, joint stock company, nor an individual, I, nor my family are invited to participate with you in any way. Make sure that you note that our silence equates “no contract” and “rejected” rather than your delusion of acquiescence or agreement, for my father in heaven stays silent concerning many things but does not in any way agree to them by silence, and I am like my father. As for me and my house, we shall serve Yahuah.

    Therefor if one member of your fictitious system has their identity verified, then all members of your system have had their identity verified, following your own code stating the singular and the plural are included to be one in the same, and masculine and feminine are one in the same, which encompasses all of man. Because I am not party to your system, I do not have an identity and any imprecation otherwise is false testimony which requires the death penalty by sacred law as evidenced in Daniel chapters 13-14.

    In truth and fact, I have not given any signature, written, verbal or any other kind included, and given that only a “person” under your definition can give a signature, it would be impossible for you to receive a signature being that a “person” under your definition does not have hands, nor sound mind and cannot make a free will choice or hold a pen without the help of an “idiot” “insane man” who cannot “comprehend” what he is doing, who was manipulated into thinking he was a person. Thus regardless what is written on paper and wherever it is written or recorded on any medium/media, it cannot be my signature or anything similar to a signature as defined in your system.

    So therefore in truth and fact it is not possible for any living breathing man, whether of sound mind or not, to sign, write, affirm or pledge anything to your fictitious system.

    Given your own definitions of singular and plural, this applies to ALL “idiots” and “insane men” lacking “comprehension” within your fictitious system, and being that not one of your definitions is referring to a living breathing man created by Yahuah/”God”, you have effectively Excluded and relieved all living breathing men both masculine and feminine, singular and plural from participation, prosecution or any type of purgatory within your fictitious deceitful system from the very beginning of its creation.

    Thus leaving only the insane idiots with no mental comprehension nor sound mind to volunteer themselves to be at the mercy of your fictitious hand.

    Thus every living breathing man of flesh and blood are FREE to exercise their own will to participate, or their own will to not participate and your fictitious system gave itself no authority over those who choose not to, thus hold no jurisdiction beyond their choice.” —

    Extra add ins:

    If even one living breathing man was granted access to travel upon the earth, then all have been granted access, thus no living breathing men need to identify themselves or sign up for any of your voluntary programs or acts of congress to participate, nor do any men of sound mind and competence who choose not to participate need prove their identity to travel freely upon the earth.

    and if even one child was taken, they have all been taken, but if even one of them was returned back to their mother and father they must all be returned back to their mother and father.

    If even one living breathing man was arrested, then they have all been arrested, and if even one of them was set free, they must all be set free.

    If even one living breathing man was married and granted divorce, they are all divorced, thus making every “legal” marriage and marriage license null and void. If man never had authority to define marriage then only Yahuah in truth has the power to marry a man and woman together and divorce does not exist, which is evidenced plainly in the sacred law.

    If even one living breathing man was ordered to pay child support and relieved of paying child support, then all are relieved of child support, thus making every arrest for unpaid child support illegal by your own hand and own doing. Any payment of child support in your fictitious papers that have no value besides “faith” and “consumer confidence” or some exchange for a metal that is mined from the inheritance of those adopted into the covenant in the New Testament and possibly minted into some image or other in violation of the second commandment of the sacred law constitutes thus payment of all child support and likewise for any and all other debts alleged or charged, thus setting mankind free of all debts alleged or charged or proven or liened within your fictitious system.

    If even one living breathing man was arrested for possession of cannabis and released from the charge, then ALL must be relieved of their charge as it is not valid nor legal per your definitions of singular and plural.

    If even one plant is not expressly included in your system due to lack of jurisdiction or lack of definition then all plants are expressly excluded and you have no jurisdiction or authority to levy any charges, fines, penalties or any other actions against anyone concerning plants at all.

    If even one man can freely trade without intervention from your system then all men can freely trade without intervention from your system.

    If you lack interest in even one grain of dust, then you lack interest in all grains of dust and all land that exists, thus having no jurisdiction anywhere but within the papers that you are so delusionally convinced are the framework of a real world, and even then that jurisdiction within your own private works of fiction is further limited by definitions.

    If your private works of fiction are called “public” despite being private and for an exclusive club of those that have an oath of office or whom expressly choose to do commerce under your system, then all things are public and all things must be made plainly known to all men.

    If even one of your works of fiction, be it a “person” or “whoever” including (only) corporations, companies, associations, firms, partnerships, societies, and joint stock companies, as well as individuals (“individuals” being lone artificial persons that exist strictly within your fiction and nothing else), became bankrupt then they all became bankrupt and if one was dissolved then all are dissolved.

    If one name was changed then all are changed.

    If one died then all died.

    If one was reborn then all are reborn.

    If one was expatriated then all are expatriated.

    If one became ill then all became ill.

    If one was made healthy then all were made healthy.

    If one was reproved by an anointed prophet of the living God, that living God being named Yahuah, then all were reproved.

    If one of your writings was repealed then all were repealed.

    If one of your records was stricken then all were stricken.

    If one of your records was in error then all are in error.

    If one man was redeemed by the blood of the Messiah Yahusha, whom evil and lawless men call “Jesus the Christ of Nazareth” in order to deceive those not privy to hidden records, then all men are redeemed and not one is lost, thus no man has ever owed your fictitious system or any of its papers any debt of any kind at any time for any reason and all men must be set free from all presumptions and debts must never be presumed upon or indebted again.

    If one of the people of Israel adopted by covenant under Messiah Yahusha was harmed by trespass by any of your agents, officers, persons, associates, franchisees, individuals, partys and so on or by any act of congress or any commerce or any misapplication of any writing from your fictitious system then all Israelites are harmed by trespass.

    If one agent, officer, employee or any other representative of your fictitious system earned the death penalty by sacred law, which is called Torah and Instructions and Commandments and Law due to the true language called Hebrew having many translations in foreign tongues, then all insane men and other creatures participating in your fictitious system have earned the death penalty.

    It is time for mankind to see the scales of justice come to balance by the hand of Yahuah.

    Maxim: “All things that ought be done are done already. That which ought to have been done must be considered as having been done. There is nothing new under the sun.”

    Henry of the house of Thoreau: “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.”
    I shall note here that the metaphor as it relates to the topic in mind is that Henry speculates of there being a thousand men trying to win in fictitious court or make profit using a fiction to every one man that is seeking to exit mystery babylon and stop the press-ganging and forced induction of unlawful use of a delusional fiction by way of malicious misidentification without evidence or proof of any kind that such misidentification is anything but a crime within the fictitious system and a trespass upon the man which causes the death penalty to be earned by the trespasser whom seeks to misidentify the man as any kind of “1 USC 1” creature. I shall also note for those that are not well read that using a legal person/name is witchcraft and spiritism and both acts earn the death penalty. It is deeply concerning to me that the world has gone so terribly mad that everyone wants everyone else to die and attempts to force them to sin, particularly in trade of goods or services for labor whereby instead of doing what is good they demand that a man put himself to sin and death by demanding a legal name or legal number. I shall also note that in the book of Enoch, seventh of the line of Adam, that the fallen angel Penemue taught man a deadly sin of confirming his faith on paper with ink, and “from eternity to eternity men have been pierced with sin and death” as a result of this teaching. I shall also note, for it is deeply hidden, that in the Gospel of Thomas a saying of Messiah Yahusha after he overturned the tables of the merchants whom had trespassed upon the Temple that “Merchants shall not enter the places of my father”, meaning that merchants shall never enter paradise nor New Jerusalem


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