Nicki Minaj Suspended From Twitter For Questioning The Covid Shot

This is pretty big news, regardless of whether you like her music, Nicki Minaj is one of the best selling female artists of all time, selling almost as many records as Beyonce.

She was the first woman to have a hundred top 100 Billboard charting singles, and she has 22.7 million Twitter followers, so she’s not a small celebrity, and fairly influential.

She tweeted Tucker Carlson reacting to her tweet and so got accused of supporting a white supremacist, which he isn’t, far as I can tell, just not a big BLM and Antifa fan.

He made a lot of sense to me about freedom and the authoritarian nature of Joe Biden, who has football stadiums full of people chanting f**k Joe Biden spontaneously.

She said her cousin’s friend in Trinidad had the shot and he got swollen balls, and his fiance left him, but she’s probably still going to have to get the shot to go on tour.

She is expressing the sentiment a lot of people are feeling, which is that they just hate the bullying of the government and the bias of the media, the censorship of truth, etc.

It’s not so much that they believe that the vaccine is incredibly dangerous, (even though it is, relatively speaking), but they shouldn’t be subjected to totalitarian mandates of an experimental technology that is being heavily questioned.

The inventor of MRNA himself said don’t take it, then he said I’m not suicidal so if they kill me, I didn’t kill myself, to paraphrase him.

That was not exactly conducive to countering vaccine hesitancy, in fact it’s almost as though they wanted people to be as vaccine hesitant as possible on purpose, just to see how their AI global control system works.

They mentioned the pushback in the scenarios for future technology and international development, they mentioned the anti vaxxers getting all their news exclusively from ZapQ anti vax sites in the SPARS Johns Hopkins document from 2017.

These were planning documents, you could call it a educated guess, which came true, but the reason most of it came true is they planned for it to happen, and if you pay attention, you see their stated plans coming true all the time.

So what was next in the plans? People will get a digital global ID on the back of the vaccine passport, then that will be put into the body with a quantum dot barcode tattoo, or a chip in your hand, and then one in your head, and then your consciousness will be uploaded to the cloud.

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I’m not even nearly making this up, these are the things they’re talking about in their plans for the future.

They have a monkey with a computer chip in his brain, playing video games with his mind. They said he didn’t look weird at all.

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