Aussie Protesters Break Through Police Lines

So, this is what happens when you think you can treat people like slaves, children, cattle, sheep, or whatever analogy you want to make.

The protests in Victoria will likely keep getting more violent until the police do what they said, sack Dan Andrews, or arrest him, or execute him for treason.

They had a ring of steel around the Melbourne CBD, but they just moved the protest to another suburb, and at one point they had the police surrounded on three sides.

“All we want to do is end lockdowns, get out of the lockdowns that we have at the moment and back to normality,” he said. “The only way that we can gain freedom as a society is to work together and achieve those vaccination rates.”

Commander Galliot

Three police are in hospital with broken bones, which was their own fault, in my opinion. I would have been glad if they got hurt worse, not because I want a civil war to happen, but because they have to switch sides or back off and stop this vicious attack on freedom, and that’s the only way it gets done.

7 News said there were 1000 people. If they hadn’t outlawed protesting and changed the location at the last minute, stopped all public transport into the city, it would have been closer to a million.

This is a war the people can not and will not lose, and the sooner the police wake up to that, the sooner things will go in a better direction, which it has in many parts of the world that aren’t Victoria, although not much better.

They will not submit to that sort of tyranny to take part in the world’s largest clinical trial which was planned before the same people released their biological weapon on purpose.

When they first started singing we are the 99% it seemed like a bit of a joke, because they weren’t even 1% and they were getting hammered, but the longer it went on, the larger the group of protesters got, and the more they realized their need to protest.

Fully vaccinated adults can see five people from two households, plus dependents for a picnic. No, you’re going to die, and they’ll probably say it was covid that did it, or you slipped on the stairs.

This was Adelaide in South Australia, which was a more peaceful event of thousands, hard to say how many thousands, it was a lot of people, although they shut down the protest in NSW.

I don’t really know what happened in the rest of the world.

I imagine it was something similar everywhere, or it’s probably about to happen in other time zones as I’m writing this.

Spray them with pepper spray, that’s like poking the bear. If police start shooting, the people actually got more guns than the police, in theory, millions more actually, it rose in number since they “took our guns away”.

The army probably won’t follow orders to kill the population of their own country to prevent a virus with a 99.9% survival rate.

You tell that to some people, they won’t believe you, because based on the “known cases”, and the “deaths” in Australia, they think it says 2% of them died, but that’s an obvious lie.

Half of America got it already and it wasn’t 6 million who died, it wasn’t even really 600,000, but that would make it about 99.8% survivable, especially if you’re not in your eighties. See how it looks different when you say it like that?

There were less than a hundred “deaths” under 70 in Australia.

There’s a few scumbags in charge, and we want them gone, and held accountable for their crimes against humanity which are grievous, and worse than any virus by far, and they had alternative treatments the whole time that could have made it 99.99% survivable.

I spoke at the Hobart protest where there were a few hundred people, they had just that day made a mask law for any gathering larger than 1000 people, even though there still isn’t any covid here for well over a year.

I went up to one of the volunteers at the market who were scanning QR codes and handing out masks and told her she was giving up her time to enslave the world so they could kill and injure more children than covid, if it was here, but it’s not even here.

On my way back to my car, I saw two army guys outside a hotel enforcing hotel quarantine.

I told them they were trying to force people to take an experimental deadly shot every six months, by taking their jobs, their freedoms, even denying life saving surgery.

I said I know you have to follow orders, but you should take a look into the people who are giving you those orders, because it could be the same people who made the virus in the lab and released it on purpose, to force this global takeover.

I didn’t really wait around too long to see if they agreed, because I wouldn’t want to have that conversation with them if they didn’t.

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They agreed there’s no covid here, if only if that was good enough. The resistance gains followers the more they push this tyranny, and by now, they’re never going to live it down.

I would not want to be them when they realize what people really think of them, because they know the part that wasn’t out in the open tyranny which was bad enough that one in ten in Victoria said they seriously considered suicide.

One thought on “Aussie Protesters Break Through Police Lines

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