The Mark Of The Beast Approaches

It is generally understood that people who quote Revelations are a little eccentric, but how many people actually do, and how true is it?

This is what I was saying to those army guys yesterday, they made and released the biological weapon on purpose to implement the ID2020 digital identity system they had been planning for years, known to some as the mark of the beast.

They will combine the vaccine passport with a digital wallet that has central bank cryptocurrency that replaces cash, and then they have total control of all your money, can take out taxes any time they want, or just switch it off.

I saw a guy saying he wouldn’t wear a mask when he went into a bank and without even asking him, they just terminated his account, and he doesn’t know if he’ll get his money back again.

This is the sort of world we’re heading into, and you would think they couldn’t do that, it would turn society into chaos, possibly provoking crime, war, even a revolution, but it seems like that’s exactly what’s happening.

If you try to look at it in a logical way, you won’t get it, because you don’t think in the same way they do, because logical to psychopaths doesn’t mean anything in particular.

Like I said when I spoke at the freedom rally, these globalist eugenicists have an equation for population versus resources, and I assume the resources are things like fossil fuels, which they of course associate with climate change.

I don’t think it’s about the weather, but if there is a shortage of oil and coal like they say, when it runs out, in less than a century, everything will be affected.

Given that they are complete liars, I don’t know if that’s what it’s about, but they make propaganda about how the humans are wiping out all the animal species and there’s not enough farming land, etc.

The agenda is obvious, there’s too many people and not enough resources, but of course they would never give up using resources themselves, or as corporations that wouldn’t even be possible for them to do that.

No single country or corporation beholden to shareholders could just say we’re going to stop using petroleum products, or cut down, because there’s a lack of oil, because that would immediately put themselves at a disadvantage in the global marketplace.

I understand the resource based economy idea, and how you might want to deal with global problems on a global scale, the problem is, they’re a bunch of lying mass murdering criminals who just attacked the world with biological weapons, on purpose and told the governments it was a simulation.

That’s the problem I’m having here, they want to have full control of everything we do and say, and they like screwing kids, killing people, dealing drugs, torturing animals, using psychological manipulation and fear to get what they want.

Literal Satanists, and so you have to pledge your allegiance to the new world order, receive the mark of the beast, and then what? Die?

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I don’t necessarily believe in the literal truth of the religious metaphor, however the more I hear about it, the more I think they actually do, and are devout, religious, demon worshiping nutcases.

Too much of a leap to make from vaccine passports to mark of the beast? I said they were Satanists, not that I believe in Satan literally.

It’s not a leap at all, and the only reason more people aren’t saying it, is it would require them to do something about it.

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