Every Day, Every Day, Every Day!

Listen to this dog call his own union’s protesters a bunch of Nazis, even though they’re not even right wing, they were left wing. Labor voters, traditionally, I thought I was left leaning before this.

They just have a brain, they’re not gutless, and then the fake media said they kicked a dog and doused a mainstream media reporter with urine.

Traditionally made up of union members, Labor now looks like a gay pride parade, with storm troopers and Liberal is basically the same crap.

I’m not even going to deny that that could be 1% true, like the rest of the mainstream media’s reporting on covid, and the vaccine, I mean it’s entirely possible he got a can thrown at his head.

It’s entirely possible anyone working for mainstream media might get attacked for what they participated in doing with their insane bullshit, like saying the virus has a 2% death rate. People still think that’s true.

It wasn’t even the flu, that was a simulation, for the most part, still less deaths than every year from the flu, which just disappeared, they said.

WHO’s world at risk report from September 2019 just before they did the tabletop exercise of a coronavirus that took over the world, event 201.

I’m sure the flu isn’t good, I got the flu after I took a flu shot one time, it wasn’t any different to the other times I got the flu. It’s less than half effective most years and each time it’s a new experimental shot that kills and injures some people.

However, when you’re 1% true, and 99% false, like with the effectiveness of masks, that’s pretty much asking for trouble.

Every single time you do it you’re antagonizing people, because it’s irrational and stupid, invasive, wrong, and part of a larger attack by terrorists.

They’re pretty much saying we’re a bunch of lying scum, and that’s what you can expect from us, from now on, because we sold our soul to Satan, or China, or the UN, the WEF, the WHO, or whatever.

I mean, masks don’t work, at all, or maybe 1% effective according to the CDC study, and the CDC isn’t someone I would trust to piss on you if you were on fire. They lied on purpose, the whole time.

They lied through their teeth, which would be necessary for them to do if they agreed to do this simulation of a deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen.

There’s not even any increased threat to the majority of people, except from them, and it’s obvious, and you don’t get your freedoms back by complying, so anyone who does comply is making us all look weak.

You probably need this now more than you did before, because of the tear gas. Please share and sign up to the mailing list.

It’s a death cult, similar to Islam, with a bunch of ridiculous restrictions like no eating bacon, which would make sense if you had no fridges and ovens, because of the bacteria, but it makes even less sense than that.

That was actually fairly logical in comparison, for most of the time they had that idea, but of course Islam means submission, that’s actually what the word means, literally, and I wouldn’t even submit to God. How about that?

Body bags outside the lab, really? People falling over dead in the street? Is that what happened? It was a blessing from God he said.

One thought on “Every Day, Every Day, Every Day!

  1. Mussolini, the founder of the fascist movement was a far left militant and a socialist, and he never disavowed his status as a socialist, he simply transmuted his previous internationalist faith into a nationalist faith. Adolf Hitler, leader of the German National Socialist (Nazi) movement was also a socialist.
    Only after observing the damage that both movements were doing to their interests did the powerful Third International declare both to be “extreme right”, in a move known in basic marketing as “product differentiation”. The enormous propaganda firepower of the Communist International did the rest. So, at least originally, both fascism and national socialism are left-wing movements. All shit comes from the same side.


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