Where Did Everybody Go?

Day four of every day protests in Victoria and there seems to have been a number of reasons why I can’t show you the protests, or they didn’t actually happen, or were shut down, they were probably arrested.

One reason is I heard that Victoria police told Facebook to pull down the live feeds, ban people, they even stop them from liking certain comments.

Another is they are using heavy riot squad stuff that was designed for terrorists, which they bought about five years ago, like sound weapons.

The protesters were last seen running away from heavy firing of “non lethal” weapons at the shrine of remembrance which actually killed a young guy yesterday.

I don’t know much more about that except those rubber bullets can be deadly, and I heard they had devices that fire multiple rounds in random directions of those deadly rubber bullets, and there’s flash bang grenades, tear gas, etc.

So, we had less people die of the flu than last year and the year before that and every other year? That’s great. The flu just disappeared, and less people died of covid than die of the flu every year as well, it’s like a blessing from God.

7News reported that there are 6666 active cases in the state, mate, that’s priceless. Is that what they told you, or did you make that up yourself?

The government themselves appear to be making it quite clear this is a new world order, a communist takeover, or whatever system of government you think that is. It looks a bit like China, doesn’t it?

Not at all an irrational idea, although they aren’t directly the people doing all this, it’s more like a globalist takeover of a global criminal cabal which includes China and that seems to be the UN model of totalitarian control.

Advancing the noble cause of the UN he says.

I don’t know if anyone remembers what happened in China when the communists took over, but it wasn’t good, and I can appreciate that it’s never going to be good if that is the situation, but these are supposedly “our” police.

I would call on the police to kill Daniel Andrews as a traitor, as a no brainer, immediately, after first extracting some information, but it might be a little more complicated than that, because China is China, the globalists are the globalists, and there’s a similar problem happening in America as well.

666 likes, I took that screenshot myself, it wasn’t by accident.

As I’ve mentioned before, the fact that everyone has nukes makes it unlikely that nukes will be used, there’s some powerful people pushing this crap, but their power is still basically in the hands of people.

Their capabilities are still in the minds of the people, if those people in the armed forces decide to work together to defeat these scum.

At the very least, to not follow orders to harass and intimidate their own people for no good reason in support of a bunch of terrorists trying to take over the world.

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The point I’m making is, the narrative is now out the window, it’s all out in the open, if you try to tell me to wear a mask, just because you think you can get away with pushing the fraudulent narrative of this terrorist communist takeover, we’ll see what happens.

BTW, in the last post I suggested you buy a paintball mask, you might want to check that idea, just protecting your eyes from these murderers could carry a 15 year prison sentence, apparently.

We’re at war. Here’s Rukshan on Fox News talking about it.

What this dumb fag seems not to realize is the Nazis died, because they killed them. Maybe he does realize that. He’s a communist.

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