How Many Cops Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?

People think I’m kidding when I say there’s a bunch of Satanic pedophiles, a criminal cabal of eugenicist elites trying to enslave, sterilize and exterminate the world.

More likely they think I’m crazy, or that’s what they used to think, and now it seems they couldn’t possibly help but notice something going on.

When you hear that there’s 6666 active covid cases in Victoria, (or that’s what they said there were), on the 23rd of September, on the government site, does that cause people to question if the number is real, or not?

Is it a coincidence, that the same day they shot weapons designed for rioters and terrorists at peaceful protesters at the shrine of remembrance, that they said there was exactly 6666 active cases of covid, and we’re supposed to believe them?

I don’t think anyone could be expected to believe the numbers are real, and that should be enough for anyone to accept that the entire narrative was fraudulent from the start, and so then the question becomes why are they doing it?

Well, it was a simulation of a deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen, a war game, a germ game as they said they were going to do in their planning documents.

Perhaps using a live virus, but that also carries with it the implied threat that they could use an actual real biological weapon if people failed to play along with the plan they had planned for years.

There are “calls to use water cannons” at the protests, like have been used in Europe. Who called for it? Good question.

The Chinese blamed America and America tried to blame China, or Fauci, or Bill Gates, or the Rockerfellers, but it seems that the group of people who deserve some of the blame is so large, you pretty much have to include everyone in the government, all the governments of the world.

They may be operating under duress, like I’m sure it’s not easy to be threatened with a real biological weapons attack, given the chaos simulated by the fake one, by them.

They had these scum ready to go for years, and there was no reason whatsoever for them to exist, except this evil plot.

It is however a fake one, relatively speaking, which was obvious immediately. Sure, maybe there’s a real virus, maybe it kills people, but it was never of the magnitude they said it was, it was basically just the flu, in fact it may just be the flu, literally.

It may be that there are real cases of covid somewhere, and in other places, it’s just a fraudulent PCR test that’s cycled too many times, or set to pick up the genetic code of whatever it is they decided to set it to pick up.

I remember hearing that they had about fifty different genetic code sequences that they thought might be similar to the “virus” in different tests, and it’s kind of obvious when people aren’t actually sick and test positive, that it’s mostly fake.

You are the scum of the earth, attacking people for being human, because lying terrorist traitors told you you could.

You can get false positives even where there is no covid, which is further altered by the fact they’re openly lying, 6666 active cases, so that means the entire thing is utterly useless and wasted countless billions of dollars of tax payer money.

Given the assumption that they could have no symptoms at all, and still carry a virus, that gives them the fraudulent justification for claiming that everyone is sick, and as such is a potential criminal.

You’re wearing a uniform that says kill me, please kill me if you possibly can, but I don’t think you can.

Everyone is a terrorist because they must be treated as if they are sick, even though they aren’t, and it was just the flu, or a variation of it, if they were sick.

We have seen what happens when you rise up in protest against their insane medical tyranny, and my opinion is, regardless of the possibility of attack from global terrorists, you can’t let it stand.

The police, the army, and/or the citizens cannot let these scum take all our freedoms away, possibly even take our lives, based on this extreme terrorist fraud.

Just not a world that’s worth living in, and it won’t be, ever, if they aren’t beaten back to the gates of hell where they came from.

It’s against international law to attack people with biological weapons, it’s one of the main things you’re not supposed to do, and a further attack might come, but it already has come, and it doesn’t get better by doing what they said, it gets worse.

It doesn’t get much better by not doing what they said either, but either way it’s intolerable, and so the only thing left to do is kill them all.

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Don’t ask me who or how or when, I can only tell you why, it’s the only thing left to do, if you don’t want to live as a slave to psychopaths.

I would perhaps think about doing that before everyone gets fully ready to go to war, which they have been preparing for in small numbers for a year and a half, but I don’t think they’re quite ready yet.

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