The Endless Terror Campaign Of Propaganda

The largest problem I have with this whole thing is there’s so many lies, the entire narrative is full of lies.

Not just lies, but lies that seem to be so obvious they expected people to see through it, even on both sides.

Bill Gates called the vaccine the final solution, and that wasn’t by accident, that was a major part of the plan.

It wasn’t at all by accident that they scared people about the dangers of the vaccine, and the pushback was mentioned in their pre planning documents.

It seems to be a test of how much they can bully people into doing something they don’t want to do, as though they were working out how much power their regime actually has.

Chrislam, yeah that’s what it is.

How much global control they have with their system of propaganda and tyrannical AI censorship and surveillance.

As I’ve said before, the resistance was part of the plan, the division was part of the plan, and it may have been a plan for world war three, or to form a global tyrannical government out of a dystopian sci fi novel like 1984.

I don’t know if the vaccine helps you or hurts you, but it’s not the main issue, or it might not be the main tool of depopulation for the eugenicists.

They like starting wars for weapons profits, they just came out of a twenty year war that was mostly about making weapons profits, but also heroin profits, oil profits, mining profits, while getting rid of a million useless eaters, as they see them, while making literally trillions.

The last thing they did in Afghanistan was drone bomb a bunch of children, while calling them terrorists, and it was only due to widespread outrage and increased scrutiny of Afghanistan that the story even managed to come out at all, but that’s what they always did.

The Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is still in prison for posting videos of similar strikes on innocent civilians.

For publishing leaked CIA secrets about their hacking software, for which they discussed killing him.

The family was a cult that operated in Victoria decades ago, using LSD and mind control on children in an MK Ultra style.

That’s the sort of world it always was, but most people didn’t realize, and it’s getting worse, or at least it’s coming closer to home.

Of course, Julian said himself he had a connection to a crazy CIA cult in Australia called The Family where everyone died their hair blonde, which some say is why he still dies his hair blonde, very interesting.

I’m not saying he is one of them, he said they ran from his step father, he chased them around the country, but it would make as much sense as anything else, these people are maniacs, and it’s almost impossible to tell where their influence starts and ends.

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For all I know, I am a pawn in their game as well, just by believing one side of the two sides of divide and conquer propaganda they’re putting out.

My main message is take everything with a huge grain of salt if you see it on a screen, but also keep an open mind to anything, because whatever is going on, it’s a real conspiracy, the only question is, to do what?

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