The Branch Covidian Vaccination Cult Needs Apostles

I’m not a big “God” sort of guy, but what is this crap other than legit Satanism? Didn’t George W Bush say God told him to go to war in Iraq?

So, the mass murdering, drug dealing terrorists who attacked the world with biological weapons and put covid cases in the nursing homes say that the vaccine they called the final solution is a gift from God.

They need apostles to spread the message of fear and compliance to the big pharma corporations, so they can live in a world completely controlled by terrorist eugenicist globalist psychopaths who appear to be trying to kill as many people as possible.

What I didn’t notice the first time I saw this was she’s wearing a black rubber wig for head protection, and covered her face and eyes with the bag, exactly as if it was staged, but it’s not all fake by any means.

I mentioned in a recent post that even the side supposedly speaking out against these people is mostly controlled opposition, many of the violent police clashes in Australia were staged false flag events, however there’s one simple truth.

These people are evil, they are the most evil people I’ve ever seen in my life, their main obvious flaw is they’re trying to maintain the moral high ground by the flimsiest logic, and so my suggestion is don’t even try to play that game.

This doesn’t look so much like a fake war.

Don’t even entertain the idea you don’t have the moral high ground over a bunch of mass murdering, drug dealing, terrorist psychopaths who start wars for weapons profits, lying through their teeth. If people don’t see it by now, fuck them.

China tortures people by the millions in reeducation camps, rapes them with electric cattle prods, pushes steel pins under their fingernails. They are not at all the model you want to base a society on, yet that is what they seem to be doing.

America bombs children with drones, agent orange and napalm, and the “leaders” of these countries are 100% pure evil, by default.

They might say we have to make sure “we” have the power, rather than China, or Russia, no you don’t.

It’s not even about that, you sold your own people out to China and the globalists, it’s about weapons profits, oil profits, mining profits, drug profits, banking profits, big pharma profits, and your own personal profits.

Just for prancing around without a mask while the help wear masks, that’s about enough to piss me right off, given what I’ve seen.

It’s about how much blood the corporations can suck out of the people of the world by telling any lie, committing any crime, endless war on humanity by any means necessary so they can personally get money and power, and for what?

So they can sniff blow off a hooker and eat fillet of elk tongue in their mansion which has a larger TV than mine? Fuck that, and fuck you, you traitorous filth. There’s only so much you can justify any of this, and it didn’t from day one.

What do you have to say about it Leo, huh? Climate change? Too many people?

You are the scum of the earth, the world must be rid of you, and anyone who supports anything you do. There’s no “we” anymore, not with me anyway.

The world needs freedom from these horrific elitist monsters, and the line that they should not have crossed, it’s way back there.

Anyone not speaking out against this crap is guilty, and even some of those who are.

A religion of vaccination, for an experimental gene therapy that isn’t even a vaccine? After what you did and what you said?

I know they want us to get angry, I know they want us to start the violence, so they can start the war.

However I’m actually banking on the fact that they are so obviously evil and corrupt, the majority of armed forces will not fight on their side, against their own people, no matter how much they get paid or how much they got brainwashed.

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Once we win the war, everyone will get paid again, regardless of “vaccination status” you just have to get rid of them first, so the answer is to put pressure on the public, who then put pressure on the armed forces, who then take out these horrific terrorist scum at the top.

How do you put pressure on them? I don’t know if people are at all ready yet to do what needs to be done, but I see the war starting any day now, regardless of whether anyone wants it to start or not.

Way too many angry people to stop it, and it has already started, most people just don’t know it yet.

We might be at a disadvantage, but that kind of depends on who “we” actually consists of.

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