The Covid Ship Sinking Like The Titanic

It’s completely insane what’s been going on in the world the last couple of years, never seen anything like it in my life.

The only possible explanation I can come up with is there’s a bunch of legit Satanist nut jobs doing their best to mess everything up as much as possible, or everything is collapsing anyway, and they’re steering for the icebergs.

There’s not really any other explanation, it’s hard for any normal person to comprehend, but some people are just like the Joker from Batman, they just want to watch the world burn.

There are different levels of rationalizations for different levels of awareness, the lowest one being we had a pandemic, because somebody ate some bat soup in China.

Another would be they made the virus in the lab, and maybe even released it on purpose, but that still justifies the overreaction to some degree.

The next one would be the virus isn’t really that bad anyway, in fact it’s not even as bad as the flu for most people.

Maybe it doesn’t even exist at all, and it’s just the viruses we always had, augmented by faulty tests, faulty medical treatments and fake news.

Then you might wake up to the fact they planned to do this simulation of a deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen for over a decade, they told you they were going to do it, and the governments of the world signed on to the scam.

They didn’t just sign on to the scam of a fake pandemic, they staged false flag events involving media, alternative media, police, doctors, and even protesters by the thousands who were following a script, many being crisis actors.

That definitely looks like a weird mutation caused by the experimental vaccines, given to pregnant women I can’t say it isn’t.

They put out misinformation on both sides at once, pushing contradicting narratives, the same people pushing the pro vaccine propaganda were also behind the anti vax propaganda.

This is where you start to lose people, if you didn’t lose them at the first bit. You can’t believe either side of this “debate” because almost every single bit of it is a lie, or is very likely to be? Well who are you supposed to go to as a source of news?

If both sides are a lie, why would you believe the conspiracy theory side? Well, they did tell you they were lying, and they did predict the plandemic before it happened.

They did reveal they were nutjob psychopath criminals and/or Satanists, or at the very least they were trying to act that way or spread rumors, some of which were true, as part of a confusing and complicated psy op, and that’s the best I can do to explain it.

They are actively trying to start a war, cause chaos, distract people from the financial collapse and a new world order of power shifting to the elite globalist corporations, however people were not as easy to manipulate as they thought.

They projected their own idiocy on everyone else, because they were probably real drunk or took too much cocaine or something, and it didn’t really work, and they’re kind of running out of ideas now.

The latest one was they need apostles for the new religion of pushing big pharma products on people, forced medical experimentation or they lose their job, can’t travel, etc. Don’t get a free donut.

Yeah, I have a feeling they won’t last too long, and by that I mean when Hitler lost it that much, had insane delusions of taking over the world, the whole world, his own men plotted to blow him up with a suitcase bomb, but by then it was a bit too late.

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Somebody was trying to tell me that there was another side to the story of Hitler, and there are always two sides of every story, however that doesn’t mean you should believe either of them blindly.

Even in the most brainwashed areas, people are waking up, and it just takes repetition, got to catapult the propaganda, keep pounding it into their brains, and maybe they’ll figure it out one day.

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