What’s With All The Black Goo?

The conspiracy theory about the black goo is about a shape shifting alien or demon that exists as black goo, and possesses people.

I view this almost like a religious belief, in that some people might believe in the literal truth of a black goo demon creature, and some might just view it as a metaphor.

In different states of consciousness, the reptilian brain can produce some vicious, animal like behavior, and potentially hallucinations that might make you think you were a demon, or an alien, or you might think they were as an observer.

In fact you might think they were a zombie, which is actually quite literally the case sometimes. How does a zombie brain work, or does it work?

Some street people have been saying strange things like there’s a CIA tracker chip in their head, and they’re reading their thoughts with it.

Or they might think they were Jesus, or God, or an angel or a demon, or they might think they were John Lennon.

The interesting thing about the MK Ultra experiments is you can’t tell which ones are just crazy, and which ones are telling the truth, but they did do a lot of testing on homeless people.

So the black goo is something I would take as a metaphor, about a virtual reality world like music videos and TV, as an art form that is at times openly Satanic, depending on what you think that word means.

It’s like something from a dream, or a nightmare, about demonic forces, but it’s mostly just in people’s heads.

If psychopathy and narcissism, hate and disrespectful behavior are not shut down by society as a whole when it comes from our leaders, they will impose tyranny, at the expense of everyone, for their own gain, until the more psychopathic vampire puppets of the corporations takes over.

They do need new people, like they’ve done things to push out their own people because they don’t agree with various restrictions and mandates, but if they pushed them out, who will replace them?

That’s an important concept to realize, if demonic alien pod people are taking over the government and the police, and the hospitals, and churches and everything, maybe you need to get in there.

You’d probably have to pretend you were one of them, like an undercover cop of the cops, policing the cops by pretending to be one of them.

It does happen, you never know with those creatures. They’re like zapped by 5G radio waves that give them a subconscious thought like hungry, angry, docile, brain dead.

They got the tracker chip in, it tells them what to say by remote control. If I was a police officer, I’d be investigating the other cops right now, checking them for an antenna, a wire, in their brain.

They’ve been caught out in a lot of crisis acting, lying for the cameras, to serve an agenda of powerful corporations.

The tracker chip might by metaphorical, or it might be literal, like I heard they clone soldiers from genetically modified super humans bred to be super strong and loyal, like a dog, in China.

I mean it’s exactly how they bred dogs with selective breeding, but they don’t even have to have sex, they can do it in a test tube.

This is the reason why people have to push back, because it never gets better for regular people when they put up with impositions like these.

It’s entirely real what’s happening with people losing their jobs and even starving to death in the third world by the millions, or at least it seems real, in some places.

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People need to stick together, and if someone is feeling like they’re being bullied, attacked, tortured, or even sterilized and exterminated, possessed by black goo, you need to stand with those people.

Although if you do see someone acting like they are possessed by a demon from space, you might want to walk the other way, because maybe they are.

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