You Sir Are Ignoring The Science

Lady, you are freaking insane.

Those were some of the words Rand Paul used when cross examining HHS secretary Berrera at a meeting to determine whether children should be allowed to go to school, with similar debate around the world.

Yeah, they are forcing masks on children, making them wash their hands eight times a day, making them use toxic hand sanitizers, sit in chalk circles on the playground, if they even allow them to go to school at all.

I’m seeing people make videos telling people to get out of the West, they’re going to either turn us into China, or there will be war with China, and that’s what this is really about.

I don’t really see why you need to do either, but it has something to do with money, they stole all the money. I thought they could print as much as they wanted.

Doesn’t really work like that, the capitalist system rewarded the most selfish, greedy, psychopathic nutjobs who started wars for weapons profits, and wrote themselves a blank check to spend as many trillions as they wanted.

I heard someone say they just got the covid and threw up for three weeks, this is worse, just for the same amount of time.

They do things like give the Taliban a free army bigger than the Italian army, because they are the weapons manufacturers, through corruption, and that means they make more weapons profits.

You would think they were the US government, but the government is the weapons manufacturers, so when they spend, they actually make money, while you would think it was the opposite, or should be.

The workers in an iPhone factory with suicide nets.

You would think that having all the weapons would make you safe from China, unless they use nukes, but these corporations bought made in China goods because they were cheap, to make a personal profit, at the expense of the country, and that was pretty much it.

Everything is made in China, it’s not economically viable to manufacture many things locally, and therefore they signed the death certificate of the West for their own personal profits because the corporations have too much power over the government.

There are some benefits to having a totalitarian communist or socialist dictatorship controlling the corporations there, because they’re not allowed to destroy the country’s economy with their business decisions.

The entire country as a whole is run as a business, export, don’t import, make money for China, not the individual, and I appreciate the logic of that, but I would take freedom any day, if there was a choice. I don’t know if there is a choice anymore.

How can there be no money to keep old people alive when they’re spending trillions more to keep old people alive? I told you, it’s a scam, they’re robbing the bank, the US is doomed.

These corporations milked the Western taxpayers for all they were worth, took their money to invest overseas in tax havens, and now there’s not enough left in the US government to pay to keep the old people alive, the corporations stole it, because they were allowed to.

I’m not really an expert, and they aren’t telling the whole truth, but I’m going to say what we’ve seen happening is bad enough that we are already at war.

If you think this is real, then innocent people are having a war waged on us, and if they faked it, if it was staged by crisis actors, we are also in basically the same situation.

If our own governments are going to attack us, rob us, scam us through the system, then they aren’t our governments, they are the enemy, period.

I thank people like Rand Paul for making an attempt to stand up for the rights of ordinary people by pointing out that natural immunity is better than a vaccine, if you have recovered, but there’s not enough people like him.

At least half the people know masks don’t work, lock downs don’t work, they made the virus in the lab and released it on purpose as part of a plan for a great reset.

Fauci said there will be a surprise outbreak, the test is faulty, they banned the cure it’s murder, the vaccine wears off, if it doesn’t kill more young people than covid would.

We’re arguing about injecting something that is potentially more likely to kill a young person than covid, even if they had covid and recovered, and there’s no reason at all to inject a more deadly cure than the disease because they have natural immunity.

It’s completely irrational, the entire thing, and that seems to have been the point, it’s a psychological war, a war on science, world war three potentially, it’s too important not to fight.

So, why haven’t I started fighting? Why hasn’t anyone started fighting? They have started protesting, and some of the protests have been violent, but it’s the kind of problem where you need the armed forces to mutiny as one, all at the same time, even all around the world.

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Are they planning to do that in secret? Try to work out what people are doing in secret, you’ll have a hard time, but I’m fairly good at reading people, and I would have to say yes, in some unknown number depending on what happens.

Most people don’t even have a clue about 99% of what I’m talking about, which is itself far less than 1% of what’s actually going on in the world. I kind of envy them.

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