Lying With Statistics For Fun and Profit

A book that was on Bill Gates reading list was How To Lie With Statistics which An0maly does a short reading from in this video. That kind of speaks for itself.

Saw a woman give an amazing speech at her local county administration center. I don’t know if I’ve seen a better explanation of what’s going on.

The problem we face is obvious, there’s some people who understand that they were lying, and they told you they were, and continue to tell you they are, throwing in Satanic references like the number 666 as they lie.

Then there’s some people who don’t get it, the fundamentalist cult members of the state, can’t be convinced with anything, because in their mind there isn’t anything else.

They assume that everyone has been so thoroughly defeated by these people that they will accept compulsory injections of poison, increasing over time, to supposedly do a better job than nature.

If you socially engineer a human being to believe they require mad scientists have absolute control of their body in a transhumanist science fiction dystopia where only they have the ability to keep you alive, but they’re hiding any problems with it, you gave yourself a problem.

Being that there are only a small amount of mRNA gene therapy labs that can make the addictive life drugs, that you must take to survive, which the inventor of mRNA said not to take, they could all be bombed into dust in a day, and what would happen then, for those dependent on them?

Well, I don’t think they were actually dependent on them, most people didn’t want them in the first place, but there might be a small bump on the road.

That’s actually the thing, 99% of people never needed any of their vaccines in the first place, the deaths from disease were almost exclusively among those already old or sick, and the measles isn’t even as bad as the flu.

If people stopped taking the polio vaccine, would they get polio? Given they claim to have wiped out polio in the West, I don’t know if they would, where there isn’t any.

Bit of a circular argument there, but vaccine derived polio makes up the majority of cases in the world, because there’s always a chance the oral polio vaccine can turn infectious again.

Most of the wild polio is gone, and smallpox is gone, but that was the only one that got eradicated, and they fell into a pattern of group think where the risk/benefit ratio definitely fell into the negative.

Their current “advice” is so far into the negative that they can only be described as legit Satanists, and given that’s who they appear to be to me, it’s impossible to ask for anything to be mandatory, they have no authority.

Dumb people could be complying with the vaccine passports, and you may have limits on your movements and activities, but they just didn’t do it in many places, it was impossible to enforce.

A guy in Lithuania said they took his job, they won’t let him buy food, he has to get it at an open air market, they just sell the food on the street.

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In no civilized country do you take people’s jobs, take their food, take their kids, take their ability to see their elderly parents in nursing homes, if they don’t take an experimental shot that they decided you were going to take before they even made it.

Not even approved yet, it’s still emergency use authorized, which means it’s experimental, which means it’s forced medical experimentation, a violation of the Nuremberg code, and treason.

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