I’m A Steam Roller Baby

So what’s going on in the news? I’ve kind of been watching it, the main thing that keeps coming up is the vaccine mandates, which is still incredibly unpopular, whether you think it “works” or not.

Dave Chappelle got cancelled for saying gender is a fact, which seems to not be a fact now, because some people don’t like facts and prefer feelings. Feeling like a fifty foot lizard.

That’s the general gist of the problem here, people are intellectually lazy, they lack mental toughness, or they’re just completely insane.

If the facts don’t make them feel good, they’ll cancel the facts and make everyone else do it too so they can feel good as less than 1% of the population.

The thing about this is, the drag queens themselves know they’re not really women, no matter how many drugs they took.

When you start talking about chest feeding and birthing people, getting rid of the words mother and father, half of them feel creeped out by it.

So, if half the pregnant people with a beard, (who aren’t really that many people), don’t even feel good by celebrities being cancelled for not using these ridiculous terms like persons with vaginas, wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of doing it?

No, the purpose is just to piss off conservatives, and trigger them until the point they blow off the heads of these ridiculous psychotic Satanic lunatics and put them out of their misery.

Unfortunately, the Satanic lunatics actually run the world, or they’re trying to take over the world, the media, the corporations, they’re all parroting this insane crap.

I don’t mean to be transphobic, but I wasn’t transphobic at all, until I saw drag queen story time, banning all gender specific terms, picture books for kids on having weird pedophile sex and cutting your balls off as soon as possible, whether your parents agree or not.

So, which one are you in that scenario?

I’m not even kidding, it’s that in your face how retarded these people are, and they seem to be proud of it and virtue signal every possible totalitarian imposition of modern eugenics programs insanity they can get away with.

It isn’t about being transsexual, or in favor of wearing a slave mask, it isn’t even about being on drugs, or liking having sex with children, it’s that they’re literal Satanists, and they admit they are, but then they try to tell you Satanists are the good guys.

So this is the debate we’re having now, is Satanism bad? Is it something we should have the government, media, and corporations shoving down our throat, as opposed to Christianity, or can we stop them doing that?

I never liked it when Jehovah’s Witnesses knocked on my door telling me about the end of days, but if I was going to choose a side in a fictional thousand year war with Satan, I think I’d rather hang out with them.

Just a quick glance at the religious demographics of the world tells me Satanism is going to have some problems being accepted, no matter how much propaganda spin you put on it.

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At this point, I’m looking at every single tyrannical change they plan to push through against the will of the majority of people as evil or Satanic, along with the people who even go along with it, because they basically said they were, themselves.

There’s a difference with freedom, as long as it doesn’t bother anyone else, I don’t care what people do by themselves, but we’re not talking freedom, we’re talking totalitarianism.

Censorship, propaganda, mandates, laws, specifically promoting Satan by name and if you hadn’t noticed, that’s a can of multi colored worms that might be better left unopened, and it isn’t going to be widely accepted.

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