How Controlled Is The Opposition?

As I’ve been saying for a while, the pushback, the anti vax movement or whatever you want to call it was mentioned in the original planning documents.

The new world order plan is much older than this, but it was mentioned in the Rockerfeller Foundation’s scenarios for future technology and international development.

The SPARS Johns Hopkins document from 2017 talks about millions getting their news exclusively from “ZapQ” anti vax sites, and how the vaccine would cause more harm than good, and all that.

This video has an interesting conversation between Sasha Stone and Carrie Madej where they reveal that they spent years being trained by the very people who are doing all these things.

On the one hand, they couldn’t tell you all these things they learned if they hadn’t been involved in the operations personally, but on the other hand, they don’t seem entirely genuine, or they seem to be members of the same “new age” cult.

If you want to get religious, I’ve made no secret that I played in a metal band, I called myself a Satanist at one point, the Atheist or Agnostic kind, I read some Buddhist koans, I read the book of Enoch, but I don’t take it all that seriously.

I just want to have fun, to do what I want to do, and my entire agenda is to be free to do what I want to do. I have a general philosophy of the unity of all things, and I’m sure I picked that up from somewhere, doesn’t mean it isn’t true, energy is energy.

People might want to take drugs, have weird kinky sex, put a computer chip in their brain, take a vaccine, or not take a vaccine, the main part of that is choice for me, and it might lead to a bad outcome, long as you can make an informed choice.

The video makes the claim that the controlled opposition is there to incite violence and chaos, which is a planned part of the agenda. (You might need to learn how to make an EMP for the killer robots).

I don’t disagree with that, they did plan for the pushback to their insane provocation, however at the point they’re coming door to door to inject you with experimental poison or take you away to a concentration camp, that’s when it becomes impossible to avoid confrontation.

If they are revealing the truth, and the vaccine changes your DNA, sterilizes you, hooks you up to 5G, it doesn’t matter if they’re controlled opposition, whatever it is, you probably don’t want it, and forcing it on people is a crime.

The censorship is real, the surveillance is real, the suffering of the people is real, and they planned to do all of this, a takeover of the world based on a virus, whether covid is even a real virus or not.

If you were to stick to a religious interpretation of who is working for Satan or God, you might be like the Westboro Baptists and think everyone who doesn’t go to their church is in league with the devil.

My view is, the world isn’t purely black and white, I can’t state with any certainty that these people are fully or partially controlled by the people they used to hang out with, but if I had to make a guess, I’d say half of them are to some degree.

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The one thing all this stuff teaches me is that you don’t want to follow anyone blindly or religiously, the pope is a Luciferian, whatever that means. It’s all getting so ridiculous, I don’t even know what to tell you.

Be prepared for anything, but don’t let them scare you, because however many of them there are, the moment they reveal themselves to be evil, it automatically means they lose some of their power, and they were losing it anyway.

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