Moonshot Will Change Your Mind

From what I can tell, Moonshot isn’t so much a startup as it is a religion about doing insane, impossible things.

According to the Wikipedia page, Moonshot was a “startup” that was started in 2015 to combat “right wing extremism” and “human trafficking” and stuff like that.

They receive funding from Google and Facebook, and the apparent goal is when you google how to join ISIS, they redirect you to a more friendly search, as if that’s going to work.

The level of idiocy of a mind who would even use that as an example of something that might work, or the contempt for the intelligence of a person who would believe it is staggering, but it gets worse.

I don’t know if this is the same company doing this, it was on the same site as the Japanese robots, it does seem like a centrally controlled global idea.

Here they have a specific downloadable PDF about antisemitism within anti vaccination conspiracy theories.

Let me see if I can explain that. A company funded by global internet giants run by Jews, is seeking to silence any discussion of the tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of deaths, and millions of injuries reported from these new experimental vaccines being rammed down people’s throats.

Hmm, what could be responsible for this rise in antisemitism within anti vaccination conspiracy theories?

Just to clarify, this is a project funded by Google and Facebook that plans to remake society by 2050 into whatever they decide it should be, using covid 19 and misinformation as justification to modify the weather.

As explained in the main video, Moonshot is also running robotics courses for children aged 10 to 17, which doesn’t sound bad, until you realize they want to replace humans with robots.

In Japan, the Moonshot research and development program’s first goal is for a realization of a society in which human beings can be free from limitations of body, brain, space, and time by 2050.

OK, so you went from redirecting people from a Google search on how to join ISIS, to silencing conspiracy theories about the Jews and vaccines, to uploading the consciousness of humans to the cloud so they can be replaced by robots.

We’re not actually anywhere near making that technology work in reality, but we’re close enough that they could just lie and say they could make a digital version of you.

Close enough where a child like robot could have a basic conversation with you, based on learned responses and almost at the stage where it would look like you.

They can make deep fakes that look like whoever you want them to, so in the online world, they are almost at the stage of being able to kill someone and make it look like they were still alive, even to their family.

Why would I just assume bad intentions from these people? Well they keep flashing the 666 at every available opportunity for a start.

Buy a book to support the site or check out the prepping page, and please share and sign up to the mailing list.

They’re all the same basic bunch of criminals, the globalists, or you can call them the Jews if you want, that’s a simplistic way to look at it, and not entirely accurate.

They’re more like new age, transhumanist or anti human Satanists or Luciferian Freemasons, the illuminati, the cult of the all seeing eye.

The woke elite aristocrats, I mean you seen who they are, they’re not people I want messing with my brain, they’re insane, corrupt, greedy, ruthless corporate criminals, and they should not be allowed to get away with saying what they will do with our world.

2 thoughts on “Moonshot Will Change Your Mind

    1. The technology of uploading people’s consciousness to the cloud and allowing humans to overcome time and space by 2050? I’m worried that these people are lunatics on crack thinking they can do brain surgery, literally.


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