The Consequences Of The Vaccine Mandates

A simple observation by Tucker that these mandates are not just hurting people but destroying the USA and killing people as up to a quarter of emergency services employees quit their job rather than take the jab.

It’s not hard to imagine the consequences of that, there were already many people in the last year or two who died due to delayed cancer screenings, this is people who were shot or having a heart attack who may have a delayed ambulance.

About 95% of the elderly people who were most at risk, (of death from old age), had the shot, and it doesn’t stop transmission at all, but that’s not good enough for creepy Joe.

Anyway here’s a video compilation of US veterans preparing for war, literally, against their own government if and when they need to defend themselves from these psychopath terrorists in charge.

The general feeling is you can’t just go and shoot police, or even politicians, even though their policies are “indirectly” killing tens of thousands of people if not millions, in the US alone.

It’s when they give an order to kidnap people and put them in “quarantine camps” or do forced injections of a still unapproved, deadly experimental shot door to door.

That’s when you can kill them, in self defense, although many would argue you could have done that already, violating the Nuremberg code is treason, and it already happened on day one of this plandemic.

There are still a great number of people who just swallow the totalitarian propaganda from these terrorist traitors hook, line and sinker, so you don’t want to appear to be terrorists, because they already started calling people that.

What you want to appear to be is valuable workers like ER doctors and nurses who worked all through this “pandemic” with empty hospitals, and who are now being fired, even though most of them probably already got this virus, if it even exists.

I have so little trust for the “news” and the three letter agencies, I don’t know if it even does exist, but if it does, the faulty tests completely destroyed any numbers, and they released it on purpose and told you they were going to.

I’ll try to explain that, 1% false positives in a test in a healthy population, and 0.1% have it at that particular time, then 90% of the positives are false positive.

A PCR test cycled 40 times or more, can have over 90% false positives in healthy people, which would mean, well it wouldn’t mean anything, the test isn’t even approved, it’s emergency use authorized, and many of the tests they used aren’t being used anymore because they admit they didn’t work.

There are only two possibilities with “asymptomatic” people, they didn’t have the disease at all, or they did, and didn’t get sick, and are immune naturally without ever having got sick, and that’s the majority of people.

On the one hand, if most of the people they said had covid didn’t have it, then the majority of their numbers, including the deaths are wrong, so not even a million people died of covid in the world.

If they did have it, but didn’t get sick because their immune system worked naturally, which is what they said happened, then the vast majority of people in the world probably already got it and those numbers are not included because they didn’t even get tested.

So, because the test doesn’t work, we don’t know, but this is either a mild illness for most people, or it’s a serious illness that they made in the lab and released on purpose, but 9 out of 10 or more of the people they said had it, didn’t have it, didn’t die from it, or even with it.

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Either way, (and this is very important to understand), they told you they were going to do all of this, at least a decade in advance.

They told you they were going to do it ten thousand times, in various different ways, to do a great reset, to install a new world order, and that’s what this is, and those are the exact words they used themselves, making it virtually impossible for anyone to not get it.

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