Bug Out Or Fight Back?

It’s hard to work out what people are really thinking, because often they won’t tell you exactly what they’re thinking online, they can’t if they’re planning something illegal, and there are literally billions of people in the world.

There’s about half the people or more who view the government as overwhelmingly corrupt and criminal, even a terrorist organization, masquerading as saviors.

It’s not the entire government, and in fact it’s not really the government, it’s the corporations and elites behind the government.

They get funding corruptly from these massive entities, big pharma, weapons corporations, with most of the laws passed written by private lobbyists who offer bribes to politicians to pass them.

The way the system works is the problem, and nobody bothered to stop the corruption, or they didn’t know how, and so it continued until virtually the whole thing is one huge corrupt criminal cabal, even worldwide.

66 million eligible to be vaccinated? Are you sure it’s not 666?

You have guys like Fauci who is on record funding the gain of function for this virus in the Wuhan lab, while also pretending to be the solution to it.

He told you there will be a surprise outbreak, if you pay close attention you can hear him slip up and admit it, but most people aren’t even capable of assuming he was capable of something like that because he acts like a doctor and doctors help people, right?

It’s like with 9/11, their own statements prior to it said they needed a new Pearl Harbor to install the new world order in the middle east so they can get all those resources and make trillions in weapons profits, by sucking it out of the US taxpayers.

For a time, the US people ignored this brutal, ruthless war machine, or some of them did, because the corporations were sucking money out of them, to go steal money off other countries, which led to a fairly comfortable way of life for the whole country.

It wasn’t so comfortable for the families hit by drone strikes and smart bombs, but that was on the other side of the world, and they couldn’t really stop it if they wanted to although they did protest the Iraq war, the Vietnam war.

However now there’s a situation where it’s obvious the target includes the majority of the US people, and the majority of the ordinary people of the whole world for enslavement, sterilization, extermination, experimentation, or who knows what.

How obvious is it? Obvious enough that they’re preparing for war in self defense from their own government by the millions, but not obvious enough that even half the people fully get what’s going on.

The corporate criminal cabal, and organizations like the WEF, a collection of the largest elite bankers and wealthy megalomaniacs is trying to steal everything and impose a global dictatorship where you will own nothing and be happy.

They give a basic excuse of climate change, sustainability and other woke buzz words, but anyone can see the climate has not changed that much, the sea level has not noticeably risen, inches per hundred years.

There may be a lack of resources, there may be overpopulation, but the problem this world faces more than any other is corporate greed.

Capitalism rewarded ruthless monsters who crushed the competition, and now they’re crushing the competition of small businesses and people who own their own homes, who own their own possessions.

People with jobs that a robot could do with less waste, less resource use, and larger profits, less pollution from these useless eaters.

So, getting back to the problem at hand, can you do anything about these people?

Well, police could definitely do something about them, if they weren’t corrupt, they could find out where they live, and in theory they have the power to go anywhere.

If you know where these people live, as individuals, then they don’t really have any massive protection, even if they have a few bodyguards, it’s more getting around the system itself, which is controlled at the top by them.

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If the police and army aren’t protecting them, because they lost support for their murderous criminal terrorist plans, then they could squish them like a bug, and it wouldn’t take 3% of the population, or even 3% of the police.

That is, if “the people” weren’t aiming to fight the armed forces, but to be the armed forces, and use the police for their intended purpose, bringing criminals to justice, at all levels, and if they can’t or won’t do that, with tyranny getting continually worse, at some point, these pigs will be made into bacon.

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