Planning To Lose The Trust Of The Public

Here you can see Jane Halton the banker, WEF globalist, vaccine pusher, and genocidal maniac terrorist discussing how misinformation would need to be silenced, by Bill Gates’s fact checkers, because people were going to lose trust in the government.

Because of the bio weapon they were about to release, two months after that, assuming there is one, and the whole thing isn’t just a simulation. How did you know they wouldn’t trust you? Are you psychic?

The GNN network told of how the plandemic stopped all international travel, destroyed economies, caused millions to starve to death, because they were listening to the terrorist scum who made and released the virus on purpose.

They were talking about all of this as though it already happened, because that’s the way they do things, they used the same past tense language in the Rockerfeller Foundation’s scenarios for future technology and international development.

They talk of how vitally important it is for a public/private partnership, (in other words fascism) to quickly make experimental vaccines and force them into the world’s population, which they also predicted would cause more harm than good in the Johns Hopkins SPARS pandemic scenario from 2017.

I try to tell people what these murdering scum did, how they brazenly admitted they were responsible for everything that happened, but they just don’t seem to get it as a majority.

They think they were trying to help people, they were trying to prepare for a pandemic, because they said they were, while also dropping ten thousand obvious hints that they planned the entire thing.

It’s a crazy conspiracy theory that they made the virus in the Wuhan lab funded by the NIH, even though Fauci said there will be surprise outbreak in 2017.

It does my head in to think about it myself, but these aren’t normal people, they’re psychopaths, even if they didn’t release the virus, the response was worse, it literally killed more people than the virus, and they planned that, which is undeniable.

They have this idea that there are too many people in the world, they don’t believe democracy works, and this is their plan to install a global dictatorship.

Hitler was at least widely popular to begin with, he gave people hope, he fed the poor, got them working after the depression.

He may have been a psychopathic genocidal eugenicist megalomaniac, but he did have the support of most of the German people, almost until the end, probably more than these current eugenicists do.

You ever seen millions of people protesting in almost every country in the world at the same time before?

Strangely, and I have no idea how it happened, most of the people around me in Tasmania are wearing masks, with no resistance at all, because of one case in about half a million people, even though masks don’t work.

They were wearing masks at the market, gatherings of more than a thousand people, before there was one case, about a month ago. Why were they doing that?

It’s hard to do much better than the box, but it was a law in Australia during SARS that businesses could be fined $110,000 if they told people that wearing masks could stop you from getting it.

Because they’re retarded, terrorized, brainwashed idiots. The premier said in that video he told people about the plans for this lockdown weeks ago, before the “case” happened. It’s a simulation.

They will push people until the point they break and have to resist, wherever that point happens to be, and thanks to the general ignorance and stupidity of the public, that will be when we are completely screwed, if that didn’t already happen to most of the world.

It is not these terrorist psychopath criminals who planned the plandemic I blame most, because they aren’t most responsible, it is the people as a whole who go along with it, because they could stop it any time they wanted, if they weren’t so goddamn compliant.

Maybe there is a biological weapon that kills people, however there was always viruses like the flu, which is more deadly to young people.

Maybe it’s a worse problem for old people, but you can’t stop that. You get the flu, you can’t not get the flu by permanently putting life on hold through tyranny.

This is a madness I never seen in my life, they never did this before with countless other viruses, and it’s insane and criminal, I’ll never change my mind on that.

The flu shot doesn’t work, at least half the time, because of variants, same as this, at the point it’s out there, all over the world, it’s out there, end of story. Get over it if you haven’t already, but you probably are over it if you’re reading this.

You can’t do this forever, it would taint the enjoyment of life permanently with a constant reminder of this crime against humanity.

At some point people will end it by force to protect the future of the world from this insidious brainwashing, for future generations who are currently being experimented on in the womb, with completely unknown results.

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After spending trillions of dollars of our tax payer money globally and destroying the entire world forever “trying to stop it”, it is still there after two years, (if it is even there at all), along with all the other viruses, which combined were much worse than covid every year.

Given that it was part of the plan for people to lose all trust in the government, media, and “health” organizations, I’m assuming they put out so much misinformation, controlled so many “trusted sources” that is now impossible to ever trust anything, or anyone, ever again. Good job.

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