The Psychology Of Resistance

An interesting look at the psychology of the bystander effect, where the more people there are looking at a crime, the less likely it is that anyone will help.

You can talk about it all day, you can even prepare to fight a war, but if it isn’t a war fought at the right level on the right people, it probably won’t work anyway except as self defense from a direct attack.

There are certain people who will submit to tyranny, certain people who will fight back, but it’s not like they didn’t expect the growing citizen pushback, it was part of their plan.

I wonder what they would do if they had growing police pushback, or army pushback to the level that they actually did something about these crimes?

That’s not the sort of thing you do on a whim, but the law, or your oath requires you to protect the public from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, or if it doesn’t, it’s common sense that somebody has to do it.

Here’s a former cop talking about the situation going on right now, for example one of the stories was that the NIH had to admit that it did fund gain of function, something that Fauci had lied about in a senate hearing.

That’s a crime, he purjured himself, he found loopholes in the moratorium on gain of function.

But more important than that, he was part of a large group that planned for a coronavirus to infect the world before it did, which is an international crime on a scale rarely seen in the world before.

It’s not a small enemy to fight, it’s a group so bold as to claim they have the power to take over the entire world, even as they’re admitting their unspeakable evil to those with the eyes to see it.

To me, it seems like a bluff, they may have a backup plan, but if enough pressure is put on police to arrest them, for their obvious crimes against humanity, it wouldn’t really take that many to find them.

They are currently doing the opposite, trying to arrest domestic terrorists for questioning the covid narrative, or the election, or anything that goes against their evil cult propaganda, but at least half of everyone is against them, including in the police.

Joe Biden for example, has a very low approval rating, most armed forces are not supporters, and with a small push, and an awakening to the harsh truth, they might be convinced to take down the real criminals.

It’s all in the mind, the power they have is nothing more than mind games, fear, arrogance, the threat that you can’t fight city hall, but most people didn’t have the impression that it was run by a criminal cabal before.

The state used to be something that was worthy of respect, or at least had most people convinced it was worth protecting, even if it wasn’t perfect.

The propaganda seemed to shift from trying to convince people that they were the good guys, to convincing people they were the woke retarded transhumanist criminals that you don’t want to fuck with, or they’ll mess you up.

Superman is now bisexual, just because, they made the transsexual health official a four star admiral in the war on covid, just because.

Their brainwashed minions seem to have the woke idealism that being freaky and weird and creepy is the right thing to do, and they’ll destroy you if you aren’t on board with any sort of “progress” towards Satanism.

I’m not saying being gay or trans is Satanic, I don’t really believe in Satan, I believe in freedom, however that would be what the most conservative Christians would have said, as a majority, not that long ago.

They do not support drag queen story time, or picture books for kids on how they aren’t really the sex they were born as, and it’s becoming harder to speak out against any of it, no matter how insane.

These people often call themselves Satanists, and whether they believe in Satan or not, or are actually on board with evil, many people will have a problem with that, for obvious reasons.

It is literally an attack on Christianity, patriotism, freedom, democracy, traditional morality, logic, reason, etc. Not warranted, but perhaps somewhat understandable, maybe. I had some problems with conservative Christians myself at times.

If you were a pedophile, and people picked on you at school for being a pedophile, you’d probably have a chip on your shoulder, and might smoke too much crack and go insane and vow revenge.

That’s what happened, they lost it. They just lost the plot, and are (on a public level), fighting for the rights of every weirdo and freak and homeless lunatic zombie, or that’s who’s going along with this mad totalitarian power grab for the Satanic new world order.

Whatever, I guess it had to happen sometime, but there’s still a line you don’t cross, and they crossed it.

Most of them will regret it, but by the time they figure out it screwed them over as well, it will be too late.

They’re playing people against each other to take all the power for themselves, and 99% of people who think they’re part of this elite bunch of criminals are simply deluded.

When they said you will own nothing and be happy, as a slave, as a serf, losing all freedom, under complete totalitarian control, that means the vast majority of everyone.

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If you thought you were in the big club because you’re black or gay, or on drugs or you like wearing a mask, you were wrong, you fell for the divide and conquer bullshit, and I did for a while myself, on “the other side” although this is bigger than politics or lifestyle choices.

If you’re a pedophile billionaire corporate criminal trying to destroy the world, genocide millions, or even billions, while taking everything from everyone, or one of their top henchmen, then maybe, you’re in the big club, but they are actual Satanists, for real, not for play.

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