Elites Own Everything And Everyone

That’s a very revealing video about how the news on almost all large networks, at least on certain shows was brought to you by Pfizer, which they did an ad for on the show.

They didn’t bother to hide it, or leave it until the ad break, it’s right there, they even run promotions claiming to be news, including distorting “facts” about covid.

You might say well the government decides on the facts, or the government departments, or the WHO. They all get their money directly and openly from the same big pharma corporations and governments, who are owned by the same investors.

If they didn’t pay them as an organization with contributions to congress or fees to the FDA, they can pay someone who works there or put someone into that position, it’s all been infiltrated thoroughly, that’s why they think they can take over the world.

Mitch McConnell is the largest recipient of big pharma donations, at least on paper, although they give more to congress through lobbyists, and that’s just over the table, they do a lot of things.

It’s not enough to say they can do it, they did do it, the entire system is set up to function in that way, and is so corrupt now they have people reading off the same script of lies in virtually every country in the world.

That doesn’t mean that they aren’t ever held to account, for example Pfizer received the largest criminal fine for fraud ever. Didn’t really hurt them though.

Who owns the majority share of Pfizer? Blackrock and Vanguard, the same people who own the controlling share of all the news companies.

Any major powerful corporation they want to control, they basically own it, and there’s not even a way to get around that, because they own the governments who make the laws to regulate their power.

Not just financially, they black mail them with sex with children or adulterous affairs or drug use, they threaten to ruin them or kill them, and it usually works.

They are threatening to take the jobs of millions if they don’t take an experimental shot, and just yesterday they called me three times with a robot who told me my internet would be cut off or I would be arrested.

Because I’m telling the simple basic truth that anyone can find out, which is that they’re brutal, ruthless, heartless monsters who control everything, hard to say who exactly but it’s a very small bunch of people with all the money.

Can’t really be bothered saying more about that, except if people don’t stand up to them, they will take everything from everyone, because people didn’t fight for freedom, justice and democracy in the face of such corruption and even willful psychopathic evil.

Want another example of that? Here’s a doctor explaining how they are giving intramuscular injections of vaccines wrong, because they are hitting veins sometimes, which is responsible for most of the injuries.

You could fix that by pulling back slightly on the plunger, to see if you did hit a vein, which in a study in rats with the covid vaccine, caused them myocarditis and blood clots, but not when they got it in the muscle.

He told them about it, they didn’t listen, because the aim was to give millions of children debilitating autism for life, as a eugenics program for depopulation, and because they’re psychopaths fighting a war on us.

Buy some kid’s vitamins to support the site and please share.

Shoot to wound is the strategy in war, because somebody has to take care of that guy, while they can just leave the dead soldiers on the ground until they bury them later.

Seriously, something must be done about these people, it isn’t like they’re just trying to make money, although that in itself can be just as deadly, they’re insane.

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