I Mean Come On, Freedom

While looking a little like the great Cornholio from Beavis and Butthead, or a robot with drained batteries, Biden mocked freedom and democracy at the recent town hall meeting at a secret location, to prevent real people showing up to tell him to go fuck himself.

He did the 666 eye symbolism of the illuminati as he said the richest corporations don’t pay a cent in tax, and he made a fake plea that they maybe should pay their fair share, as if he wasn’t the guy who decides if they do with his tax policy.

He’s a weak, demented, corrupt, totalitarian piece of crap, but he seems to have been put there on purpose, to look pathetic, so that people won’t blame him for a “more powerful” group of corporate criminals doing whatever they want to do.

He’s a puppet, the entire purpose of him being there is to serve the interests of the global cabal, while destroying the USA, freedom, human rights, democracy, justice, and appearing weak and stupid, to make everyone lose respect for the entire institution.

In fact, it started with Trump, they took away his power to even speak publicly, and made it look like Facebook, Google and CNN were in control of the world, just by telling people they were.

Of course, it’s much larger than that, they’re all controlled by the same people who own Pfizer, by the same people who own the banks and weapons corporations, along with him, but it’s still a decision he’s making to go along with it.

I was watching an interview of a sniper who served in Afghanistan and Iraq, got blown up and nearly died, spent ten days lying on his stomach in wait, not even getting up to piss, to stop the Taliban from getting weapons.

This guy just gave them billions of dollars worth of state of the art weapons for free, and that war was only ever about the money, I mean who would fall for it being about bringing them democracy or fighting a threat to America?

9/11 was an inside job, the Bin Laden family had Carlyle weapons/intelligence shares, like the Bush family, and it was about weapons profits, oil profits, heroin profits, mining profits, and banking profits, but who made those profits?

The corporations paid little to no tax, the US government is in debt for tens of trillions, and these corporations have betrayed the American people, and the world’s people for their personal gain.

Gas prices are up in America, there’s supply chain shortages, they stole all the money from social security needed to even keep old people alive, and that was their money.

The argument for a “good economy” by cutting taxes and having strong corporations to create jobs, doesn’t work if they take all your rights and freedoms, outsource the jobs to third world countries, take their money to some tax haven and leave you with a debt that can never be repaid.

They’re corporate criminals, they sucked America dry, and they aren’t American, they’re the globalists, they don’t even like America, they hate it.

They are systematically attacking and destroying the place, on purpose, on every level, laughing while they torture them like the puppies in the study Fauci funded because they’re psychopaths.

Attacking religion, morality, values, freedom, justice, democracy, all of which was also a bunch of propaganda at the time, maybe.

But without that and some sense of patriotism, loyalty, or something, it’s just a bunch of criminals, robbing their own people, like they did to the rest of the world.

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Perhaps now the people who blindly supported the troops in foreign wars have a sense of what it feels like to be invaded by ruthless brutal conquerors.

Because that’s what they always were, you just didn’t notice maybe, and they were stealing from America as well, that whole time, but it was on a credit card, and now it’s maxxed, and vaxxed.

Capitalism rewarded sociopaths and psychopaths, and democracy and free speech is something that never aligned with their evil plans. Whatever this is, it ain’t freedom.

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