Two Classes Of People

Confidence she says, that vaccinated people can be around other vaccinated people, even though the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission at all, and you didn’t “need it” unless you were really old, fat or terminally ill.

The gaslighting is not working, I am entirely convinced these people are evil, totally evil, and they’re not hiding it from anyone, anymore, unless they’re brainwashed on a level I can’t even comprehend.

It’s not based on science, as she admits, it’s not about elimination, and it’s not about confidence based on any real metric, the virus wasn’t even a problem to 99% of people, at all, (28 deaths in NZ), and most of the old people got the shot.

It’s about being a totalitarian dictatorial piece of crap, and forcing compliance, just to show that they have the power to do anything, anything at all.

My immediate thoughts are sawing off her face with a chainsaw, or watching her skin blister and bubble and pop as she burns at the stake like the witch she is, but what are my other thoughts?

I got my fifteenth 30 day ban from Facebook today, for hate speech, because I had to talk to one of these scum, or a brainwashed mind slave.

He said that I was making up lies, and I proved that I wasn’t, and it didn’t make any difference. It never does to these people. I hold them equally responsible whether they make up the “rules” or blindly support them against all logic.

As I explained to him, I smoke cigarettes, I got a one in two chance of getting cancer at some point, but I still don’t want the government telling me I can’t smoke.

As an adult, I have the legal right to make that decision for myself, and if they took away that right, and others, next they will be telling me, I can’t have sex with women, because I’m not capable of making that choice for myself.

Yeah, that’s a chastity belt for men, it’s a real product.

I could get AIDS if I started having sex, or hepatitis, or she could get pregnant and have a complication with pregnancy, so it’s just not worth the risk.

It’s not worth the risk for me to be able to shop for food if I haven’t taken an experimental injection that injured millions for a virus that isn’t much worse than the flu. It killed less people than the flu in many places, especially there, and here in Australia.

Maybe you can hear it in her voice, she’s a sick bitch, and she knows it, and she needs to die, to spare people the misery of her planned segregated society, a medical apartheid, an Orwellian nightmare that goes far beyond that.

She knows she’s full of shit, she knows she’s destroying people’s lives, and she seems to take enjoyment in it, because she’s a vicious tyrannical monster working for a ruthless globalist criminal organization.

Not allowing people out of quarantine camps if they don’t take and show a negative test, which was never meant to be used to diagnose disease according to it’s inventor and which caused death and injury itself at times.

I’ve never been a violent person, and I’m not even in the same country, but if I ever found myself in the same room as a person like this, saying the sort of crap she says, I don’t think she would walk away.

We will be continue to be your single source of truth while saying they’ll hunt down every last person and inject them with experimental poison by force, a literal crime against humanity, violating the Nuremberg code, it’s treason.

I found it hard to control my anger when they said I had to wear a mask at the local bottle shop for the one time I went in there and didn’t wear a mask, when I was “supposed to”.

I can’t even imagine how I would feel if I was forced out of “the vaccinated economy” to the level that some parts of the world are doing like Dan Andrews in Victoria, he said you can buy food, but don’t think you’re going to buy shoes.

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Have no fear though, there are tons of psycho bastards more pissed off than me, and they’ll kill these scum, sooner or later, I’m kind of surprised they haven’t already.

It’s mostly because half the public are believing this crap to some degree, or going along with it because they believe they have to.

It is however becoming too obvious to ignore, and I hear my train a coming one way or another, and I didn’t really expect it wouldn’t, because it always does.

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