Fauci Tortured Billions Of Animals To Death For No Reason

If you told me that they came up with a drug that could be helpful to humans and reduce suffering to millions, based on animal testing, I would say give me an example.

You might then say I don’t know, maybe I’ll have to look into that and see if there is a good example of humans being saved from a painful torturous death by the painful torturous deaths of billions of animals like these cute beagle puppies.

The actual answer is, it didn’t even do that, the vast majority of the time. They torture animals to death as a matter of institutional policy, whether it’s required, or not, as this video explains.

The other thing is, I don’t even like half of these humans, I actually hope they die, they’re horrible. I like puppies, and their pain is the same as any other creature, it’s important to care about their pain, if you don’t have empathy, you’re a sociopath.

So, when you add it all up, along with Fauci making the virus in the lab, and releasing it on purpose, after telling you there will be a surprise outbreak, he is the most evil man ever to exist.

There might be somebody above him telling him to do the things he’s doing, I have no doubt that there is, but on paper, he is responsible for the unimaginable torturous deaths of billions of animals, and the suffering of billions of humans.

It’s not just the suffering caused by the virus he funded the gain of function research on, as the old people die on ventilators, while being denied the treatments that actually worked.

It’s the suffering of the entire world caused by the response to it, which he also helped participate in planning.

He was part of the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board, who had a plan to do an experiment, on all of humanity, a simulation of a deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen.

He’s a psychopath, he’s a nutjob, he does the Luciferian Freemason hand signs, he’s a legit Satan worshiping monster.

He likes torturing people, and animals, because he’s a psychopath, and given that millions of people are now aware of the things that he did and does, it’s very important that he is brought to justice.

Justice for me, would be something along the lines of a Vatican torture chamber, although just going to jail or having a lethal injection would be sufficient, as long as it happens.

If it doesn’t happen, within the next year or two, and he’s not even fired, I’m suggesting that people, even the people of the entire world, find him, and kill him, in self defense.

Even the entire US government, even all the governments of the world, if they stand in the way of the justice that must be done to rid ourselves of these evil, corrupt, heartless monsters.

We must prevent people like this from holding the top position of power in the top health institution in the world, because you cannot have psychopathic genocidal maniacs who torture puppies to death for no reason, in that position.

That’s worse than millions of people dying in a war, because millions of people did die in a war, or an attack, a crime against humanity, and this biological weapons attack, bad as it is, is just one example.

We are being attacked, we are in a war, millions died, in fact billions died, if you count the animals. Horribly, painfully, all the time, every day, and it has to stop.

It has to be stopped, by any means necessary, because this kind of evil cannot stand, and when you analyze a mind that could ever do that, it is evil.

What was that problem again, social security is short by trillions? Don’t worry about that, we got some studies to do.

One of the experiments the NIH funded was finding out if Japanese quail are more promiscuous on cocaine, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

That first result on Google, the Scientific American makes the case it was a great idea approving that study. This is where the light bulb should go on in your head, to understand why they’re such insane psychopaths.

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I don’t even believe they did that experiment, as if anyone cared if they did.

In that case, they probably just ran off with the cocaine, and who the hell would stop them, if they’re all coke heads or Satanists?

I think Mike Tyson said it best when he said “I will eat your children” and possibly bite your ears off as well. In comparison, he looks like a saint.

These people are the ones picking a fight, and when you bring the puppies into it, man. You’re gonna die you scum.

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