Fascism Rears It’s Ugly Head

This was what the response looked like a month ago, to similar protests as happened in Victoria today, but no riot police and tear gas today.

I’m a bit sunburned from spending today at a protest, there were only a few hundred in Hobart, there were easily tens of thousands at the one in Victoria, and I’m sure many millions around the world.

The reason the Victorian protest matters more to people is because of the insane bill Dan Andrews is trying to get passed.

Does this photo look photo shopped? That was from the Herald Sun.

He declared himself ruler by decree, he said he can declare a permanent lockdown even if there isn’t a virus in the state, and jail people for years for not doing every single thing he says, forever.

It sounds like I’m being overly dramatic, but that’s exactly what the bill he proposed said. It’s so vague as to give him ultimate power to declare an emergency even if there isn’t one, and to make any order to anyone, which is basically what he already did, but worse.

I don’t really want to say what I think should be done with him, but if you didn’t notice by now, these are horrific, evil, totalitarian scum on a level rarely seen before in the world, or never in Australia.

It’s a global problem, but he’s one of the worst examples of this authoritarian corporate takeover of the world.

There were people at the protest I went to today yelling at us to just take the vaccine, or saying you’re all weird, because they just don’t understand what’s going on, and to be fair there is some crazy stuff on the conspiracy theory side.

The risk/benefit ratio of the vaccine itself is debatable, I’m not sure the virus even exists, in the numbers they said it did, or even at all. I just hear what people tell me, and there’s a hell of a lot of discrepancies and clear corruption.

There is no virus in Tasmania, at all, I’m not even sure if there ever was due to faulty tests, so that would automatically mean the vaccine causes more harm, but when you take into account everything else they did leading up to it, it’s not even close.

In Victoria, they locked people in their houses, one hour exercise a day, smashed car windows, dragged people out of their cars for not telling police where they were going.

They delayed medical procedures, destroyed countless small businesses and jobs, caused one in ten to seriously consider suicide, some of whom did.

There was increases in domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse, obesity, self harm and mental health issues, violent arrests and fights, kids being pepper sprayed, etc.

They censored free speech, they made it illegal to protest, they arrested political dissidents, for inciting people to go outside, while spending hundreds of billions of tax payer dollars on this crap.

They threatened the people with laws that foreign armies could be brought in and do anything without legal consequence due to “emergency powers”.

And what was this emergency? Less people died than died of the flu, every year, mostly in Victoria, according to Dan, who is a legit psychopathic criminal globalist and probably a Luciferian Freemason pedophile.

The chief health officer of Victoria, Brett Sutton, his sister in law was Jane Halton, who was at the event 201 pre planning meeting.

There she talked about how Bill Gates fact checkers would be censoring misinformation about a coronavirus that took over the world two months before it started.

She’s a banker, she’s in the World Economic Forum, she works for GAVI, she’s on the covid commission advisory board in Australia, to work out public/private partnerships.

She demonstrated clear prior knowledge that this whole thing was going to happen, before it did, as did everyone there. You don’t gain that level of prophecy by being an “expert” on pandemic preparedness.

The general “consensus” is Fauci, or the NIH, paid to do the gain of function research that produced the virus, in the Wuhan lab, and they had planned to release it on purpose for years to take over the world.

I’m still not even sure if that’s just a cover story, and it doesn’t even exist, I lean towards there is a virus, somewhere, it’s hard to tell.

The reason I’m not sure is I have nothing to base the existence of the virus on, people always got the flu and pneumonia. The treatments they used made people sicker, and they banned the cure, if that wasn’t also a simulation.

The test didn’t work, they planned the media response and even the alternative media response, the controlled opposition.

I know that these elderly world leaders seem to demonstrate that they’re just wearing masks for political theater, they don’t seem to be scared of a virus, and maybe that’s because they took the cure, whatever that might be, or maybe there’s no real threat at all.

Wear a mask to protect ferrets in the zoo from a drop of spit, not the air that goes right through it, if you had a virus, which you probably don’t. No dice, you nutjobs.

The only thing I can prove sufficiently is they told you they were going to do all of this years ago, and that they had the amount of control of all systems in the world, that it didn’t even matter if there was a virus, or not, which is exactly what this bill says.

The threat is totalitarianism, the loss of freedom, the police brutality, illegal mandates, health care workers being fired from their jobs, (causing severe staff shortages to get substantially worse), and the side effects of the vaccine, that isn’t a vaccine.

I find it hopeful that so many people are waking up, showing up to protests, all around the world. It is a war that has to be won mostly in the mind, but it is a war, and I don’t think these people planned to start this war and just give up without a fight.

An anti-lockdown protest was held in the Auckland Domain on Saturday. Police say they will prosecute a number of individuals. What if the people say they will prosecute a number of police?

The objective was to see at what level of extreme tyranny people would not comply, or take them to court, protest in large numbers, fight back, go to war, and how much power and money they could steal before that happened.

They obviously had plans for what they would do if that happened, the protesters are specifically urging people not to be violent, at this stage, but you can’t control everyone, and if that’s you personally, these plans might not work so well for you, you’ll be dead.

The reason people have been waiting, exhausting every peaceful option, is they don’t want to just start shooting at police.

Because, as a freshly retired police officer said at the protest in Victoria, they all know this a bunch of nonsense, but they are kind of forced to do their job, while they have a job.

The people in the crowd called out for the police to “stand with us” and it appears they might have changed their mind about that a little since the previous protests, as there were no rubber bullets today.

However, there has been extreme violence, there was extreme tyranny, some puppet dictators of elite globalists are pushing harder, for less reason, and you see a proportionately larger resistance, in response, where a response is needed.

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Let’s hope that the sheer number of people who realize you can’t keep doing this, you couldn’t even do it in the first place, overwhelms the fascist corporate criminals, and they don’t succeed in their evil plans.

Are they evil plans? Well they planned all of this covid crap, including probably releasing the virus itself, from the lab, where they admitted splicing coronaviruses together to make them more infectious to humans. What more do you need?

One thought on “Fascism Rears It’s Ugly Head

  1. Is it “Facism” or is it

    and everything that 170 nations goverments signed onto part of Agenda 21 2020-2030 in 1991

    Your blaming the wrong ethnic group if you keep on claiming its the
    Facists / Nazis

    White Nations are not lead by Pro White or White Nationalists

    All White Nations are lead by
    Israel, UN, Multi National Corporations, NGOs and Central banks
    all in agrement of Agenda 21 , White Genocide and Goyim enslavement

    All positions of power in White nations are filled by people that are
    – Anti White
    – Anti Nation
    – Anti Freedom
    – Anti Truth

    They might look “WHITE”
    They are Jewish
    They are Kikes
    They are traitors

    People’s Republic of Australia
    * Email – charliebrownau@protonmail.com
    * Video – https://JoshwhoTV.com/channel/charliebrownau
    * Social – https://twellit.com/@charliebrownau
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