Vaccines In The Food Supply

They said one potato can give you a dose of hep b vaccine, so what happens when you eat ten or ten thousand? Did they think of that? No, of course not.

Often people look at Alex Jones saying the things he’s saying and think he’s gotta be crazy, they can’t possibly be doing the things he’s saying.

Then you spend five minutes looking into it, and you realize it’s true.

Edible vaccines, genetically modifying plants not just to be resistant to massive amounts of poison that stays in the crops, producing their own poisons that kill bugs, but producing even more poisons, sorry, vaccines as well.

Here’s a line from that peer reviewed scientific paper:

Direct gene delivery is the simple method. In this the selected DNA or RNA is directly introduced in to the plant cell. The most commonly used direct gene delivery method is the biolistic method and it is also known as gene gun or micro-projectile bombardment method.

Eat up your vaccines, that post was from the year 2000, although they hadn’t actually done it, at that time, I don’t know if they have by now.

Hoechst’s in-house magazine, Future, says that “We may some day think that getting a shot against hepatitis is a rather primitive, old-fashioned way to administer a vaccine.”

Yeah, that’s the same Hoeschst that was bombed in world war two, the same basic people who made the zyklon b that gassed the Jews to death, and were prosecuted in the Nuremberg trials for tests of experimental drugs on prisoners of war.

Bayer were another German company under the parent company I.G. Farben, and they recently took over Monsanto, who has it’s own long history of crimes against humanity through poisoning food. They were sued over glyphosate for billions.

Bill Gates has a financial association with Bayer/Monsanto, and he recently bought up half the farmland in America.

The last episode of the High Wire showed Stanley Plotkin the godfather of vaccines admitting that they can’t prove vaccines don’t cause autism while under oath, although they said they did prove that publicly, they said it was debunked.

The analogy he made is that they can’t prove they don’t cause leprosy, although there hasn’t been a thousand fold increase in leprosy in children, like there has with autism, corresponding to increased use of vaccines.

His entire thing is vaccines work, of course they do, there’s no need to test on pregnant women in the already inadequate trials, we’ll just say it’s good for them, get the CDC to recommend it, even though if the manufacturers did that, they’d get sued.

How do they know the baby won’t die? The babies did die, there was an increase in spontaneous abortions. How many exactly? Nobody knows, the reporting to VAERS is voluntary and requires filling out a ten page report where you would be admitting your own guilt in killing babies with untested poison as a supposed doctor, after recommending it, so they probably don’t do the reports, most of the time.

They’d get sued because that’s an off label use of a completely untested product, at least in that group of people, which is the same for all vaccines, not just this latest untested abomination, the covid vaccine.

These people are mental on a level I can’t even comprehend, either they’re religious about the positive benefits of vaccines and ignore the consequences completely, or they’re just evil and greedy and corrupt.

They’re also talking about contagious vaccines that spread like a virus, infecting people with the shedding of the spike proteins, as many people have said they’ve experienced with these new experimental shots with no liability protection.

Doctors are threatened with losing their license if they say anything negative about any vaccines ever.

The problem isn’t so much that I think these people are trying to kill us all, it’s that they might be, and they might accidentally kill us with their over confidence in their sick twisted crap, whether they thought they would or not.

When you’re messing around with all of humanity, even all life on earth, while basing it on a trial of a thousand homosexual men and saying that proves it works..

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Then you inject that into all new born babies and pregnant women with no adequate way to measure the deaths and injuries from that ongoing test on the entire population..

I think it’s fair to say we need to stop these mad scientists by any means necessary, before they kill us all.

Here’s the nine hour deposition of Stanley Plotkin in a case where both the mother and daughter didn’t want her to take vaccines, because they were made with aborted fetal cells, but they were trying to force her to take them.

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