Children Injected With Poison While Corrupt Scum Lie About It

ABC news, brought to you by Pfizer, that story was from May, and they’re injecting kids in schools in Australia as young as 12, moving towards 5, and probably even mandating it for newborns, before you know it.

This while thousands of health care workers are protesting being forced out of their jobs because they’re smart enough to refuse this terrible shot that they see causing more death and injury than covid with their own eyes.

Check out that last link, the nurse of thirty years explains what’s happening fairly well, the myocarditis, blood clots, heart attacks, strokes and many other conditions aren’t even being reported in their true numbers, and the shot doesn’t even work.

They’re already experiencing long waits for ambulances, not because of covid, but because of the vaccine injuries, the nurse said, even before a good percentage of the ambulance drivers quit, rather than take the shot.

It’s happening in Tasmania as well, where there is no covid at all, but you won’t find them reporting it on the news, apart from one death from the Astrazeneca.

As I mentioned in my last post, there were one in 200 with serious adverse events in the initial Moderna trial, compared to one in 500 in the placebo group, with only two months of observation, and it was regardless of age.

We have since been told that it doesn’t stop transmission, and it’s wearing off in “protection” and the virus is mutating, so for children, this would be giving them a far greater statistical likelihood of death or injury than the one in a million chance of death from covid, (give or take), which would only happen if they were in a risk group, and it wouldn’t stop them from getting it anyway.

Director of strategy at the World Economic Forum? The health minister? Got a copy of Klaus Schwab’s book on his shelf? That’s it. He’s on the list.

There are risk groups for children, like they’re obese or are on chemo, have an immune disorder, or diabetes, but generally speaking, kids aren’t at risk from covid at all, like not at all if you’re a normal healthy kid.

So I come back to the risk from the experimental death shot, one guy out of a few thousand people killed himself, in that two months, but they said three died in the placebo group, versus two in the vaxxed group, of which he was one.

Not great numbers, any way you look at it, and they stopped taking numbers after that, because most doctors don’t report to VAERS, even though there are over a million adverse events reported, closer to two million, just in the US, but they always try to spin it in their favor.

Here are some selected quotes from a guy in a Moderna trial who said it was a great idea.

This pathetic retard who is in the prime of his life, who had a 99.99% chance of surviving covid, enrolled himself in a trial for an experimental vaccine everyone was already warning about before they even made it, felt sicker than he’d ever been in his life, and he’s scared, that if he tells how bad it really was, it will get twisted by the “little army of anti vaxxers” and then maybe they can’t inject it into children, who had less chance of dying of covid than he did. This one wasn’t even an actual injury, he says he’s fine now.

It came on hard within about an hour of the second shot. Then, at like 10:30 that night, I was getting ready for bed and I started having chills. I was wearing sweats and still shivering, and I woke up all night with a whole bunch more symptoms.

Nausea. Headache. Muscle pain. I took my temperature after midnight and it was 103.2. I was sort of loopy. They had given us a 24-hour call line as part of the trial to reach the nurse, but I think some part of me was like: “What is this going to mean for the vaccine?” My delirium goal was to sleep it off.

At 4, my girlfriend finally called the hotline, and one of the doctors in charge of the study met us at urgent care. The nurses were wearing those space suits for protection, and they gave me an IV for fluids and Tylenol for fever. They tested me for covid and a bunch of other things with a full viral panel, kind of ruling out the possibilities.

My sense, in piecing it together, is that I had an immune overreaction to the vaccination because of the high dosage. The doctor told me: “It’s good you called. This is exactly what we wanted you to do. This is the whole point.”

My fever was already coming down, so I went home and slept until about noon. When I woke up, I realized I was really nauseous. I went to the bathroom to throw up, and when my girlfriend came to check on me, I was fainting.

She caught my head so I didn’t hit the floor. I woke up laid out on the ground, and I was trying to piece together what had happened and where I was. She called the hotline again, but by then I was lucid. I drank some fluids and rested on the couch.

It’s probably the sickest I’ve ever been, but I was back to normal the next morning. I was fine. At no point did I think I was dying or anything. Even taking too much Tylenol can make you sick, you know?

I don’t want it to sound like more than it was. I’d hate for — I don’t know. It’s complicated to talk about. I worry it will get twisted by the little army of anti-vaxxers. We’re living through a low point in confidence in scientific institutions, and it scares me.

Listen you dumb bastard, we’re in a low point in confidence in scientific institutions because they’re openly corrupt, according to the inventor of mRNA, and literally trying to kill you, or they don’t care if they do, if it makes them money.

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Case closed, you’re a retard. BTW, the Poynter International Fact Checking Network removed the bit on their funding page where they said they were funded by Facebook, Google, George Soros’s Open Societies Foundation, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and I knew they would.

They openly cover up the funding of their “fact checking” site, coming from the people making billions from this plandemic, while ordinary people suffer, although you can still find the transparency statement page here.

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