Australia Issues An SOS To The World

It’s hard to believe this is even the country I live in, fighting to save itself from tyranny never seen before in it’s entire history, because of a flu that was about as deadly as the flu every year, give or take.

It had absolutely nothing to do with that really, but if the virus even exists, (yeah, I still don’t even know for sure), they made it in the lab and released it on purpose, or they told you very clearly they were going to do all of this, going back many years.

The number who “died” still hasn’t gone above the average flu season, it’s almost 1500 total “covid deaths” now and I put that in quotation marks for a reason. Notice anything missing where there used to be the flu?

Most people don’t believe that, not because there isn’t thorough evidence of that, they just can’t believe that anyone could be that evil and get away with it. They never seen it before, they don’t understand the concept.

Ask someone in Afghanistan who had their children drone bombed to death, while falsely being called terrorists, or the people who survived shock and awe in Iraq, justified by them lying about Saddam having WMDs, would America do this?

Those people wouldn’t doubt it for a second when looking at the evidence I’ve seen, but it’s not really America, it’s the globalists.

They don’t look at themselves as being a country, they look at themselves as being the rich elite, the aristocrats.

Too big to fail, even when revealing themselves openly as traitors, thieves, liars, pedophiles, Satanists, they still somehow maintain control because most people will call it a conspiracy theory, rather than even entertain the notion.

It’s not hard to put your finger on why that is. It’s the media propaganda. People are hypnotized by what seem to me to be bizarre lies like nothing I’ve ever seen.

It’s the centrally controlled corporate media who as you’ve seen are all brought to you by Pfizer, which is owned by Blackrock and Vanguard, who own a controlling share in almost everything in the world, so they don’t even need to sponsor it.

The media, or the people who control it, are most responsible for these crimes against humanity, because if they had told people to resist this insane tyranny, it wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

But it’s also the medical system that is run like a totalitarian regime, even around the world. Doctors often can’t speak out or they could lose their license.

It’s gotten to the point that people are scared for their lives, scared for their future, not from a virus, (if they had any sense), but from the government response, and for those still scared of covid, who aren’t in their eighties, after taking the “vaccine” and still wearing a mask, wake up and smell the coffee.

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As you saw in the video from Reignite Democracy Australia, (now teamed up with the United Australia Party), the people of Australia are asking people to join together in a protest on December 4th at 12pm at Australian embassies around the world.

You might be of the opinion that you have your own problems to deal with, but you can protest your own government at the same time, by showing them what you don’t want government to be, and there is no better example of what you don’t want them to be, than Victoria, Australia, in my opinion.

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