Implied Consent For Vaccination Of Unaccompanied Children

As I’ve said before, I don’t always trust everything Alex Jones says, however when he makes a verifiable claim, it’s verifiable.

In this video he talks about the WHO’s considerations regarding consent in vaccinating children between 6 and 17 years.

He also talks about how they’re literally calling this the new world order, while imposing bills that give them further rule by decree to jail anyone who doesn’t do what they say for years.

Arresting political dissidents, shooting rubber bullets and tear gas at protesters, forcing them out of their jobs, denying them life saving medical treatment if they don’t get the shot.

Stopping them from shopping at businesses if they don’t have a vaccine passport, vilifying them in the media, calling regular people public enemy number one if they don’t submit to globalized medical tyranny.

If they don’t take an experimental vaccine that nurses are saying they’re seeing kill more people than covid, especially among children, quitting their jobs rather than take it themselves.

According to Microsoft, (scum), 40% of workers are considering leaving their jobs this year, and of course that has nothing to do with the vaccine mandates, these horrific lying scum in the mainstream media say.

Oh yeah, people are so happy to be forced out of their jobs by the millions because of vaccine mandates, they’re protesting in the street by the millions.

Large increases in myocarditis which results in death within a decade for about half the people who get it.

This page says about twenty percent, it depends on whether it’s non-fulminant active myocarditis, fulminant lymphocytic myocarditis, or eosinophilic myocarditis.

That last one has a survival rate of 20%, in other words 80% of people who get that type of myocarditis die within a few years. 60 new cases of myocarditis from the shot, reported in the last week in Australia alone.

It’s probably millions of people who already got some level of myocarditis, they just don’t know it yet, and it will get worse as they keep getting booster shots every six months, and they will deteriorate and die, eventually.

Actually that page was from last month, it’s 76,587 adverse events reported now, and myocarditis is just one of the adverse events, including blood clots, gullian barre, bell’s palsy, transverse myelitis, and immediate death, but you get the idea.

This condition doesn’t necessarily get diagnosed, like you could have a weak heart, feel some chest pain but not even know that you had been injured, it can deteriorate over time and is a leading cause of heart transplants.

Those deaths mentioned are from months ago, most weren’t even reported, and many are yet to come in future years as the myocarditis and ADE kills them at a later date. In all likelihood, it will be millions dead by the time it’s done, and there were already millions dead from starvation due to lockdowns, and those people are fleeing across the borders in a mass migration into the West while it is already on the verge of collapse.

So times that by about a hundred, then by the amount of weeks they will keep injecting this poison, and the cumulative effect of “ongoing booster shots indefinitely” and you get genocide, more people dead than covid, by far.

It’s clear, obvious, premeditated murder of children, and healthy people generally, they banned the cure, it’s murder, and they made the virus in the lab.

They’re trying to kill you, they told you they were, and it’s only the most retarded brainwashed idiots who couldn’t understand that due to cognitive dissonance.

In fact, millions of people know this already, and they’re thinking what can we do about this apart from protesting?

Well, you can share this page, or share the scientific studies (the CDC is investigating long term problems with myocarditis in this ongoing trial), the actual risk/benefit ratio is still not known.

You can share videos by doctors talking about it, the High Wire is a good reliable source, or Robert F Kennedy’s site but these things I’m talking about are on the government websites like VAERS, if you can navigate that.

People need to actually wake up to the fact that they are coming to inject our children with poison that is more likely to kill them, in vast numbers before they will actually rise up and do something about it.

Everyone wants to see a peaceful solution, however it’s such a vicious, horrible attack, the only possible solution is these people get the death sentence, for crimes against humanity.

Buy some immunity gummies to support the site, or check out the prepping page and please share and sign up to the mailing list.

I don’t care if they were following orders, we told them, we told them very clearly, and yet they keep coming, getting more brutal in their approach, so if they go any further than they already have, I’d say the actual war is on.

World war three, and I don’t even have a gun. It’s mostly an information war, a war of the mind, a war of propaganda, and it’s not going too badly, but it’s definitely not going that well either.

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