These Are Penis Doctors

I would usually say don’t believe anything the fact checkers say, they’re funded by Bill Gates, they were talking about censoring misinformation about a coronavirus that took over the world with his fact checkers at event 201 two months before it started, but this is obviously a bad joke.

It’s like they’re doing my work for me, with this ad about how much creepy leftist freaks love their boners, but of course the majority of people in the hospital took the vax or there are far more in hospital this year than last.

How do I know that? Well, in Victoria, the place in Australia, and possibly the world, that has the most communism, they said last time they mentioned it that 95% of the people in the hospital with covid took the shot, or at least one, and then they stopped telling people whether they had it or not.

If you don’t get how to lie with those statistics, when 1% of the total population took the shot, 99% of those in the hospital were unvaxxed, and by the time 90% had taken it, 95% in the hospital were vaxxed, which is why they stopped telling you about the numbers.

But you don’t even need to try that hard, you just lie, they said there were 6,666 active cases in Victoria after they fired at protesters with rubber bullets and tear gas at the shrine of remembrance.

Is it that simple? No, it also kills you slowly with myocarditis, which it was made to do, because they made the virus in the lab and released it on purpose, to kill you, on purpose, because they’re trying to kill you.

Is that a simple concept to get across to people? Not really. You either fall for it, or you don’t, you either believe the penis doctors telling you about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, as they also tell you it doesn’t work on the news, or you don’t.

Last I heard, Nicki Minaj said her cousin’s friend’s balls swelled up and his woman left him.

I can’t really be bothered convincing anyone who hasn’t figured it out yet, I sort of hope they do die, apart from the poor children, but if you let the children get injected with poison and that gets mandated, which is happening in some parts, then nobody is safe.

Like these creepy weirdos, I do love my boner, but I don’t feel the need to tell everyone about it all the time, and those are all actors, I don’t even believe they’re really penis doctors at all.

I simply don’t believe a single thing any of these people say, because I have no reason to, they’re complete nutcases and they’re working for elite eugenicists and greedy corporations known for their numerous crimes.

Anyone who can’t see it, they’re not right in the head at best, and at worst, they’re psychopathic monsters, and it’s like they’re trying real hard to convince me that they are.

Sure, it’s a bit better attempt than the free donut, free beer, free weed, million dollar lottery, and the losing your job threats, even better than denying kidney transplants and destroying the entire world, but it still doesn’t move me.

I’m going to be pissed off if I was wrong, and this vaccine does actually save you from the weaponized smallpox Bill Gates is threatening to release at airports, but I just don’t negotiate with terrorists.

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This was a good try, like nice try you sick genocidal maniac bastards, close, but no cigar. I don’t believe you. For one thing, covid doesn’t even exist, or there’s almost as much reason for me to believe it does, as it doesn’t.

I mean, these people are insane liars. If it did, I still wouldn’t have much chance of any problems, it’s not even in my state, but if it does happen to affect you, try the alternative treatments, that’s what I’m thinking.

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