Are Both Sides Of Politics Hopelessly Corrupt?

At this point, it’s like who isn’t one of “them” and who are they?

You might notice that symbol Trump is doing with his hand there, which Biden also does, which Hillary also does, which all of them did, because they’re all the same group.

It means 666, or maybe it means something else, that’s what I’m assuming it means.

Jared Kushner paid double the asking price of a property to get the address 666. The article mentions deals he made with the Saudis, and the Carlyle group.

The illuminati conspiracy has it that there’s a shadowy, all powerful group that controls the world, run by some kind of alien/demon creatures.

The Bin Laden family were at the Carlyle weapons shareholder meeting hosted by George Bush Snr the day before the 9/11 attack.

Trump, and all the US presidents openly support Israel, and most people would say it’s antisemitic to criticize that, it’s good to have a good relationship with Israel.

But what if there’s a smaller group of Jews who are literally, openly “Satanic” whatever that means?

I mean, you see them doing the hand signs, Jacob Rothschild posed in front of a picture called Satan Summoning His Legions with Marina Abramovich.

They don’t seem to be hiding it, and a short look at the list of people surrounding not just Trump, but all US presidents shows that they have a firm grip on power, whether it’s Jews, Satanic Jews, or associated secret societies like Luciferian Freemasons, skull and bones, etc.

Are the Jesuits in a secret pact with the Jews? Is the pope a Satanist?

These are the sort of questions you have to ask yourself, or you can ask them if you want, it seems reasonably clear there’s a very powerful group acting as one.

They don’t seem to have good intentions, in fact you could say it’s obvious they don’t have good intentions, but it’s not exactly black and white, and if I were to suggest any sort of final solution to the problem, it would not be very popular, even though that’s what Bill Gates called the vaccine.

I can’t even prove that these Jews are the bad Jews, if there are bad Jews, or that they’re all working together in some kind of Jew world order, that sounds a bit over the top, even to me.

However that’s the way they programmed you to think, through the Jewish controlled media, and because nobody was ever allowed to call out that group in particular, they were able to get away with things nobody else would have been able to.

Epstein for example, you can’t say it’s a Jewish run elite pedophile blackmail racket, probably run by Mossad, and Trump is just one of the countless compromised men in power all around the world.

Why can’t you say that? Because they’ll call you antisemitic, and this is a real simple trick, it’s like saying you don’t support the troops, or you don’t back the blue, when all of these people are foot soldiers of Satan because of the people in charge.

I don’t believe in Satan, but maybe they do. They literally flash the Satanic signs and symbols all the time, they keep getting caught doing terrible things, and they keep getting away with it, and I’m a bit tired of denying the truth.

The truth is there aren’t two sides, or the two sides are the powerful and the powerless, and it’s fairly easy to manipulate people by saying you’re for the people, all the people, even though you clearly aren’t.

For example Biden said if you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black. Judge Joe Brown overheard him saying that black people were animals who should be locked up in zoos at a public speech.

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These are all two faced liars, it’s obviously phoney, fake, and a danger to all people in the world, especially the USA, but what can you do?

Well, in a similar way to how pedophilia was something nobody used to talk about, maybe by talking about it, bringing it to the light, we can work to build a fairer, nicer, more transparent and less corrupt world. If they don’t kill us all first.

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