Dropping Like Flies From The Vax Attack

I don’t know a lot about sports, but I think I learned enough now about what’s going on with this death shot to say this doesn’t surprise me.

I don’t want to say I told you so, because if you knew about it, which you probably do already if you’re reading this post, then you probably told them so too, and they probably still don’t get it.

They’re probably still promoting the vaccine as the savior of humanity, because that’s what the idiot box told them is what they think, and for all I know, I’m getting played in a similar way myself, but in reverse.

I’ve written a few posts about how some of the people in the anti vax, alternative media or freedom movement might be controlled opposition, and how they actually mentioned that in their pre planning documents.

Like they mentioned that we’d be getting our news exclusively from anti vax ZapQ sites, and that the vaccine would do more harm than good, they mentioned the conspiracy theory that it came from a lab, all of that.

They mentioned the pushback in the Rockerfeller Foundation scenarios for future technology and international development from 2010.

If you understand that’s who these people are, and that’s what they’re doing, because that’s what they planned to do, and they told you they did, then you get it, and if you think I’m crazy, hey maybe you’re right.

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I took a lot of drugs when I was younger, I still drink a lot, maybe I am just off my head, and maybe Alex Jones is too, but maybe that just allows me to think and talk without the same filters of inhibition.

Regardless, if you don’t see what’s going on with all these athletes dropping dead on the field, having heart attacks, them saying they don’t know what it could possibly be, and you keep pushing mandating this, on children, see what happens.

I just keep on pointing towards the obvious crimes against humanity, because somebody has to look at them, and point them out, so we might see justice done, and save humanity from these people.

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