The Reasons Why I’m An Anti Vaxxer

Dave Cullen brings up just one of the side effects of vaccines in this video, peanut allergies.

Vaccines caused peanut allergies, millions of life threatening peanut allergies, where there were practically none before.

The first thing to note is, they didn’t tell you vaccines caused it, even though they knew it did.

They didn’t tell you that it had increased from virtually none to millions, and they make money from the disease they didn’t tell you they caused.

You wouldn’t have realized that they also sold millions of epipens, and you wouldn’t have thought to question if they put the peanut oil in the vaccine as an excipient, to cause the peanut allergy, to sell the millions of epipens.

This thing apparently costs hundreds of dollars, that you have to pay, after they gave your child the allergy, with vaccines they were forced to take.

Some would say, that’s going a bit far, to say they did it on purpose, but this is Pfizer, the company with the largest criminal fine for fraud in the history of criminal fines, and it’s still being used in some products.

“At Pfizer I was expected to increase profits at all costs, even when sales meant endangering lives. I couldn’t do that,” said Kopchinski, who is set to receive $51.5m under a US law rewarding whistleblowers.

We’re talking about people who literally kill whistleblowers, if they keep talking, if they can, or I heard of at least one story of Merck killing a whistleblower, or she said I’m not going to kill myself on a video shortly before it happened.

That’s also what the inventor of mRNA Robert Malone said, and he said that because he knows this is the type of people they are. Murderous criminal psychopathic maniacs.

I saw Melinda Gates at a conference on population control talking about the Pfizer sterilization injection she was going to bring to the third world women in their village so they wouldn’t have to walk fifteen miles to be sterilized.

Before going any further, is that the kind of people you want making the products they inject into your child on their first day of life?

Do they actually need a vaccine for hep b, a disease that they might be most likely to get from having sex with foreigners?

There has been a huge increase in autism and cancer, various inflammatory and immune disorders, (they haven’t always proven it’s the cause), and some studies show the infant mortality is higher with some vaccines, than without them.

Just the peanut allergies alone, that’s about a hundred to two hundred deaths a year, just in the USA, which happens about one in every two hundred times they get a case of anaphylaxis.

That’s about 20,000 times a year a kid has their face swell up, with a 0.5% chance of death, making it almost as deadly as covid, every year, for children, and that’s just one side effect of vaccines they didn’t tell you about and probably still deny.

They made hundreds of millions of dollars, or billions over time, even if they didn’t need to use the epipen, they still had to buy one if they were diagnosed with peanut allergy.

Just to repeat, the peer reviewed studies show that the mortality rate of some of these vaccines is worse than the disease they’re vaccinating against, at least at certain ages, without taking into account just that one lifelong side effect they didn’t associate with the vaccines, on purpose.

I’m sure that having measles or mumps or whooping cough can be pretty bad as well, and I’m not going to make the claim that viruses aren’t bad, or don’t exist, although they’re generally speaking only about as bad as the flu, give or take.

What I’m saying is, they are mostly not liable for any problems, or it’s very hard to sue them for any problems, they try as hard as they can to cover up any problems.

So, it’s impossible to even know whether it’s better or worse if you do or don’t take these toxic injections as they pay for their own studies.

After seeing Vaxxed 2, I turned anti vaxxer in a day, because I saw the autistic kids, I saw the kid with a back pack to help him breathe, I realized they had covered up all of these side effects to the point nobody knew anything about it, or said it was debunked, when it actually wasn’t, and that was enough for me.

The culture of group think and making excuses for the detrimental side effects of these injections, the secrets and lies, show me that the entire process can’t be trusted.

The big pharma corporations can’t be trusted, the data can’t even be known, they’re stopping doctors from speaking out, and so it’s almost not worth the risk to take any vaccines, generally speaking.

I went from knowing nothing about it, to thinking they had completely inadequate safety testing, reporting of side effects and compensation for injuries to thinking they’re trying to make you sick to make money, or even trying to kill you, to reduce the population.

More than that, they’re making viruses in the lab and releasing them on purpose, to install a totalitarian dictatorship they had planned for years, and they told you they did, at least I saw them say it many times.

A medical tyranny where you will own nothing and be happy, and have no right to refuse any crap they want to force into your body, or especially your children’s body.

It’s not just a matter of fighting for the right to refuse forced medical experimentation.

I think we may need to kill these people to save humanity from an endless nightmare, now that they’ve moved on to locking people in their homes and are building quarantine camps for the unvaccinated.

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These insane bio ethicists are actually talking about the possibility of making people allergic to meat or making people smaller, to reduce Co2.

They’re so horrific, so totalitarian, so intrusive, so invasive, so dangerous and unnatural, either they back off, or I feel a revolution brewing, and it’s not a bunch of people you want to screw with, (parents of injured kids), no matter how many of them there are.

One thought on “The Reasons Why I’m An Anti Vaxxer

  1. I think to qualify as an “Anti-Vaxxer” you would have to be against all Vaccines and want to ban everyone else from having vaccines.

    For example, if a pregnant woman chooses to keep her baby after getting pregnant, that does not make her “anti-abortionist”.

    To be anti-abortionist she would be trying to ban other women from having abortions.

    Even if she tries to encourage her pregnant friend who is thinking of getting an abortion to keep her baby instead, that still would not qualify as anti-abortion just as long as she is not coercing her friend to keep the baby.

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