The Resistance Grows

Thousands of people protested in New Zealand recently, and did the haka war dance, and I was just watching the protest today in Victoria, where there were tens of thousands.

Next weekend, the 20th of November is another worldwide rally for freedom, and don’t forget the Australian embassy protest on Dec 4th.

As I’ve been reporting, there are dozens of famous athletes dropping dead on the field, on live TV.

It’s not like nobody noticed, and can anyone remember them talking about myocarditis last year related to covid?

I don’t think they were, it’s the death shot causing more deaths of young healthy people, obviously.

They did appear to be dropping dead on the streets of Wuhan, in a similar way to how they are dropping dead on the football field now. I almost wonder if both things were faked for the cameras sometimes.

They could have been dropping dead on the street, if they had a sudden stroke or heart attack from the spike protein, which is also in the vaccine, causing the same problems.

But, given they both have unavoidable problems, the largest problem was them doing anything at all, because they also banned the cure, apparently, and the entire thing is intolerable, totalitarian and criminal.

I’m not going to bother trying to convince people about the “numbers” because there are no proven numbers, there can’t be, due to who you’re asking to give them to you.

I don’t even trust that there is even a new coronavirus, I saw them planning what they were going to do for a decade in advance, and to the level that there can be no doubt they planned all of this, even if the ridiculous brain dead sheep call it a crazy conspiracy theory.

If Bill Gates funded the WHO, the media, the fact checkers, and the pre planning tabletop exercise of a coronavirus that takes over the world, while also funding the vaccines, would anybody notice? Yes.

They mentioned the silencing of “misinformation” with Bill Gates funded fact checkers, for a coronavirus that took over the world, two months after their pre planning meeting, event 201.

They talked about the lab leak conspiracy theory, the greater harm caused by the vaccine, they said by 2027 millions were getting their news exclusively from ZapQ anti vax sites.

They “predicted” the masks, the temperature checks, the social distancing, the vaccine passports, ID2020, they told you the plan many times, it has 2020 in the name, they planned to use it for vaccine identity verification, years before.

I keep mentioning this because it’s the only way the whole thing can be viewed, they said they were going to do a simulation of a deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen, a whole of government exercise that 196 countries signed up to do, before it happened.

I have given all the links that prove that in previous posts, it’s now a battle between those who will accept the fact that it has been proven, thoroughly, and those who can’t get over their cognitive dissonance that anyone could be that sick.

Buy a protest banner to support the site, or check out the prepping page, and please share and sign up to the mailing list.

Here’s another video of a random woman appearing to predict what they were going to do in a video from 2019.

They literally told you what they were going to do, but nobody was listening as if they knew these were psychopathic murdering bastards, but they should have been, because they always were.

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