Those People Are Criminals

It’s hard to fully calculate the damage these people have done to the world, there is for example a 24/7 protest happening outside the Victorian parliament right now, as they try to pass a bill to give themselves absolute totalitarian control forever.

It was already so bad Australia issued an SOS to the world, but they want to make it worse, and the world is trying to point to Australia, or China, as an example of how to implement totalitarianism, under the guise of safety.

You could get caught up in the argument about whether the lockdowns, masks, social distancing and vaccines caused more harm than good, just for human health, but it’s fair to say it’s highly debated, and they are trying to take away all freedom to protest their insane medical tyranny, while pushing even more.

What happens when you give absolute control over every aspect of the lives of every single person in the world, to power mad eugenicist psychopath mad men who want to reduce the population by billions?

Based on what everyone who didn’t appear to be lying said, the experimental death shot doesn’t work, you don’t need it, even according to the inventor of mRNA himself, and it’s killing people.

They reduce the population by billions, obviously, while taking your children for sex and Satanic rituals, to sell their organs on the black market, do experiments on them, just general death and destruction, I imagine. It’s happened before, at varying levels.

There are two parts of winning this war, demonstrating that you are on the “righteous” side, to the general public, the corrupt media brought to you by Pfizer convinced most people the “experts” were right already, but their propaganda didn’t convince everyone.

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The other part is striking terror into the hearts of your enemy, and actually killing them. On both levels, they had a massive advantage and had planned for years to get it right, but they are wrong, on a moral level.

They are just wrong, and I don’t think it will take that long for people to see it when it really starts happening, not that it hasn’t already begun. I just hope they are prepared for the actual war, much as they can be.

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