Stories Of Injuries From The Covid Death Shot

I was opposing the mandates for the flu shot before the covid shot started killing hundreds of times more people, if the reports are anything to go by, and this one also doesn’t work most of the time.

This was one of the participants of Senator Ron Johnson’s Roundtable discussion on mandatory COVID-19 vaccines held in Washington D.C. on November 2, 2021.

YouTube then suspended him for a week for posting “misinformation” for saying these experimental “vaccines” were unsafe and didn’t work to prevent death.

I don’t like promoting pills made by the same murdering bastards making these death shots, but given it seems to work and would have avoided almost all of this, it’s worth mentioning, because they almost certainly banned effective treatments to push the shot.

As has been explained many times, they made the virus in the lab and released it on purpose, to implement their totalitarian system of digital identity that controls everything you will do, from now on, if you accept the mark of the beast, ID2020.

They banned the cure, or Ivermectin was shown to be an effective protease inhibitor, that helps to prevent viral replication, but was banned, along with other alternative treatments, because it didn’t fit the agenda of the people who released the bioweapon.

The way I used to “diagnose” the flu was it was worse than a cold, lasted for a couple of weeks, not a few days, but I never got tested or did anything about it. You get the flu, period.

I sometimes still express doubt that the virus even exists, because I’ve seen faulty tests, manipulated statistics, gunshot victims put down as covid on the death certificate, the numbers weren’t real numbers, whatever happened.

But, I have seen quite a lot of people say they had something that was different to the flu, which was itself probably misdiagnosed as covid, because the flu just disappeared.

I find it hard to believe these people are that evil that they could do what they did, release a deadly bioweapon on purpose and ban the cure, to impose an Orwellian nightmare right out of 1984, or Brave New World, but that’s what they did.

I unearthed so much evidence of their crimes against humanity, I can’t imagine that when confronted with it, anyone could possibly deny it, if they see it all for themselves, and that’s why I started documenting it on this blog.

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We’re not going away, the resistance is only just beginning and learning more and more about who and what we’re fighting against.

Their days are numbered, because it’s not like they just attacked some foreign country, they attacked everyone in the world, and they haven’t stopped their attack yet, so it’s not like we can just forgive and forget.

They’re doing some evil stuff here, never seen anything like it, and the cure is far worse than the disease, even if or when it works.

One thought on “Stories Of Injuries From The Covid Death Shot

  1. They are following the Georgia Guide Stones now and on top of that list is Depopulation. Billy Gates stated he loves vaccines and he also believes in depopulation, connect the dots.

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