A Brave New World Of Limited Freedoms

I’m going to say I find a lot of things very fishy about this whole thing, it looks like a staged event to me, crisis actors.

It’s hard to explain the madness going on in the news, but I’ll try.

There was the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, where we found out he shot a convicted rapist of little boys who had just been released from a mental hospital he was in after a suicide attempt.

The first tweet below is from the left, I don’t agree with it, but it points out that he was doing the 666 hand sign at a bar that night, which I noticed the judge was also doing in the trial.

Awaiting a verdict that might send the US into another insane riot to add more fuel to the fire, but again, it means 666, it doesn’t mean white power, or I don’t think it does anyway.

Alex Jones thought it meant infinity or inter-dimensional victory. All the US presidents did it, or most of them in recent times, and most Hollywood celebrities.

It means you’re in their cult, the Christchurch massacre guy did it as well, which was likely also a false flag which succeeded in passing gun laws in New Zealand.

Not saying people didn’t die, they probably did, but it was set up for a purpose.

I think a lot of people realized the media had lied to them about that case, he wasn’t a white supremacist like they had claimed, and he was acting in self defense which is entirely clear from the trial.

At least, you couldn’t argue it wasn’t self defense, you could argue it was planned and he’s a crisis actor, which he probably is, but try convincing people of that.

The US, and the world seems to be headed for a great depression but they laugh as they say people are rich now so they can afford it.

Hyperinflation, supply chain problems, resource shortages and totalitarian oppression, but it’s all for your own good, no matter how bad it may be.

They say things like the dirty little secret is people didn’t spend any money while they were locked in their homes and got fired from their jobs by the millions for not taking experimental poison, so they can afford the doubling in gas prices.

That’s not what I thought the dirty little secret was, I thought the billionaires made trillions at the expense of everyone else, while printing over half of all the US dollars in circulation since covid began.

What does that mean exactly? They double the amount of dollars in existence in the space of about a year, that means the value of a dollar halves, or the prices of products and services will double, right?

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What it basically means is they’re screwing all of us over, left, right and center. Lying through their teeth, messing with our heads, and probably trying to kill us, or worse.

The only thing you can do is resist every day, and then resist some more. Don’t forget the worldwide rally for freedom this Saturday, all around the world and keep your eyes open.

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