The Wrong Side Of History

Maybe the scum in the media would feel differently about the race to inject babies with poison death shots if Fauci told us the truth about the gain of function research he funded at the Wuhan lab, rather than lying about it under oath.

Fauci is the guy who said there will be a surprise outbreak in Trump’s administration, no doubt in anyone’s mind, and he had been working on a coronavirus vaccine to go along with the biological weapon he released for years before he said that.

This video by Glen Beck exposes some of the lies and corruption of these people, for example how the US government owns shares in the vaccines like Moderna, and Fauci definitely lied about his role in funding the gain of function research.

It doesn’t quite go into accusing them of planning the whole thing years in advance, but it stops just short of it, it’s hard to prove anything one hundred percent, but there’s so many obvious examples.

Take a look at that last link from Scientific American, it interviews Katalin Kariko about her decades of work inventing mRNA. She wasn’t the inventor, at all, or that’s disputed.

The real inventor of mRNA was Robert Malone, he was written out of the history of his own invention when he said it was unsafe and it was rushed to market.

The original Wikipedia entry mentioned him and didn’t mention her at all, and he now appears on the Wikipedia page on gaslighting as example of gaslighting in popular culture.

So they invented a new inventor of mRNA when the real inventor decided to withdraw his support for testing his invention on everyone in the world at the same time, while it killed and injured millions of them.

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It really is scary what they have planned for the future with the digital ID tracking you and controlling every single thing you do. It’s right out of Brave New World or 1984.

Anyway, I’m going to the worldwide rally for freedom tomorrow, Saturday 20th of November, I hope you will all be there, wherever you are in the world.

We have to take a stand and rise up in numbers to show them that we aren’t cattle, we aren’t farm animals, we’re born free and willing to do what it takes to hold on to that freedom, and they are definitely on the wrong side of history.

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