Living Through A Scam

What’s in the news? Let’s see, there was a terrorist attack not far from Kenosha, (although some sources say he was just trying to escape the cops), not long after the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, a guy just drove through a parade killing a bunch of people.

This is where you have to say, how fucked up are these people? Seriously.

A junkie dies in an arrest that went wrong because he was resisting arrest, then that causes riots that kill many more people lasting a whole year.

Riots where a serial pedophile got shot while attacking a young kid trying to defend his town from being burned to the ground, and then the jury finds him not guilty, and one of these psychos kills a bunch of random people over that, allegedly.

I’ve said I found it suspicious, because it seems so insane that these people would have to be literally mentally ill, or it could be a staged event, a psy op, which is just as likely really.

They’re trying to set up a civil war by provoking people into hate and division, one way or another, and it’s actually surprising it hasn’t worked better already.

My solution? Put the coca back in Coca Cola. Some people would say, wouldn’t that make people more insane?

My opinion is no, it would limit the amount of insanity to how much Coca Cola you could drink in a day compared to how many banks you could rob to buy crack.

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Don’t think the idea will catch on, but Coca Cola was a very successful product, because it had coca in it, in the first place, so it’s something to think about.

Anyway, the world has seriously gone insane, it seems they’re trying to kill us all, one way or another, and I’m kind of on the same page as Dollar Vigilante, just get on with it already, but leave the children out of it.

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