Australian Army Takes People To Quarantine Camps

Howard Springs is expected to reach capacity of prisoners of war soon they say. That was actually in an article from early August.

It’s hard not to express my anger at this crap happening in my country, even if it’s not actually my state, it’s still insane tyranny beyond the level which should be tolerated.

This is exactly the thing that Alex Jones was warning about, people being taken from their homes for being “in contact” with a covid case, and taken to a quarantine facility, being told they have to pay thousands of dollars for the privilege of being kidnapped by the Nazis and held against their will for weeks.

This is after most people already took their poison death shot which was supposed to be the solution, and they began doing that almost a year ago with the old people most at risk, if there even is a risk, as there was a handful of cases there that prompted this response.

Then there’s the way this bastard talks, saying anyone who encourages the freedom to choose not to take experimental poison that killed more people than covid did in the same time period while injuring almost a hundred thousand people is an anti vaxxer even if they took the shot.

Yes, I am an anti vaxxer, it’s not an insult you horrific piece of crap. I think these big pharma companies and their captured regulatory agencies and the media they bought off are so criminal and corrupt that you can’t trust them enough to take any vaccine ever.

Because, it’s likely to give your children autism or cancer even though they said it didn’t, while they also admitted it did, and I am against evil totalitarian scum literally using the army to round people up in concentration camps against their will.

My view is that this is a black mailed pedophile, or they threatened him with death, or they got some dirt on him. Bribery, a power grab for his party, there is no possible way he could think he’s doing this for the benefit of the public.

Again, the deaths from the vaccine are more than the amount of people who died from covid, average age 82, this year, even though those numbers are ridiculously skewed towards promoting the shot.

It’s not about the numbers though, none even exist. I say more people died from the shot, they say it saved more people, but this is the people who made and released the virus on purpose and told you they did, if it even exists.

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Yeah, I’m still not even convinced it even exists because it’s the same amount of people who died of the flu every year in Australia and the test doesn’t work.

It still doesn’t look any different than the flu, which disappeared completely, and the only thing I know for sure is these people are scum, and we must get rid of them, by any means necessary.

You don’t have to look hard to see them dropping like flies, or see that they’re covering it up, it’s just a matter of time before everyone figures it out, and they’re being very obvious.

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