Violent Persecution Of The State

This Infowars video brings up some examples of the extreme lies of the media which killed people, caused conflict almost at the level of civil war, worldwide, encouraged terror attacks, and which is by any rational account, completely evil.

It mentions the Australian army recently being used to kidnap Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory to take them to a quarantine camp even though there was practically no increased threat, just another psychopath dictator in a position of power.

It talks about how the media and the governments of the world are treating regular people as terrorists for resisting the mad Satanic propaganda of the new world order, that literally looks as though it crawled out of a crack in the earth, straight from hell.

As I’ve said before, I have nothing against black people, drug addicts, transsexuals, traditional liberals, socialists, Jews, even politicians and media people, so long as they’re not trying to attack me, or other people.

Why would digital ID have anything to do with covid? A vaccine passport? A digital ID system they had been planning for years that just happens to be brought in by the biological weapon they said would be a surprise outbreak, or a simulation of a deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen just before it happened?

I stand for freedom, not specifically against any particular group, other than those trying to take my freedom away.

This entire thing was an attack from the start, they made the biological weapon in the lab and they told you they were going to release it to implement their totalitarian takeover with ID2020 and all this great reset crap.

I’m still basically traditionally liberal, but because the majority of them went full communist retard, I’m now conservative, I guess. Who would have thought?

Regardless if you believe that’s true, that’s what I believe, based on extremely convincing evidence, or I don’t know how trustworthy anything you see is, the virus might not even exist, but they’re clearly evil or insane.

I believe the entire thing is designed to sterilize, exterminate and enslave people, and I want them to stay far away from me with all that mess, period.

This is the kind of retard I’m talking about. My first wife was ‘tarded, she’s a pilot now. Then they make you do it.

That being said, there’s two classes of people you can be.

You can be someone who supports freedom and a right to choose whether you want to take experimental poison or not, while hearing from millions of people it’s probably the worst catastrophic failure since thalidomide.

Or, you can be like the NT minister who is trying to paint anyone who does anything less than support mandates for everyone, and using the army to take people from their homes by force, as a terrorist, or a fascist, when that is clearly what they are.

I find it incredibly hard not to simply suggest you find and kill every single last one of these vicious terrorist totalitarian puppy torturing scum, rather than spreading the peace and love idea that most protesters are aiming to be the message of the freedom rallies, but I’m trying.

I can see the psychological benefit of appearing like the decent, moral, righteous side of this debate, in order to win over the majority of decent people who just got fooled by the media lies.

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But, I also think at some point, it’s going to be a real war and people need to be prepared for that, and they don’t train armies with daisy chains and sing a longs.

I really don’t think these are decent people if they support these scum in any way at all, and it’s beyond a joke, it caused the largest protests ever, in Australia and the world.

I’m tired of explaining it, tired of hearing their cult brainwashing, while they participate in terrorizing people who just want to be left alone.

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