Fakery For The Masses

I don’t really know how much of this was set up, but they bussed in the rioters, they were funded by billionaires, the media lies were obvious, so every part of it is suspicious, he did the 666 hand sign, you just have to wonder.

I really appreciate the perspective of MAG Bitter Truth because he just assumes everything’s a scam, even if it isn’t, and puts forward arguments that support that, and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

The thing about television is, they can use CGI to fake anything that happens, we know they have used crisis actors and CIA to fool the masses, so it’s always good to have a healthy amount of skepticism.

Christchurch mosque shooter wasn’t even from New Zealand he was from Australia and he said Trump inspired him to go shoot up a mosque there, and then he does this hand sign.

That was a link to factcheck.org which is of course funded by the Annenberg Foundation, which received funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, like all the other fact checks.

Poynter International fact checking network was funded by George Soros, who also funded BLM, and Facebook, Google, and the Omidyar Foundation, who is also listed as one of the people who put together ID2020 also known as ID4D along with Microsoft.

The fact they’re doing a gang hand sign is not in question, they said they were, the only question is what does it actually mean?

Pfizer pay for ads on the news, like actually on the program, not even in the ad breaks, but you don’t even have to look that hard to see the corrupt connections and regulatory capture.

All you have to do is follow the money, and all the minor corporations are owned by their parent corporations, which have a majority share ownership by the investment bankers, Blackrock, Vanguard, State Street, etc.

If it’s not a majority share owned by Vanguard at News Corp, and Rupert Murdoch still owns the majority share, I’m not really sure, but they all seem to be working for the same people, just the conservative side of the two party illusion.

They say he was drinking with the Proud Boys and doing a white power sign. If that’s a white power sign, why is Obama doing it?

It’s a divide and conquer strategy, get people fighting amongst each other, because that’s the easiest way to conquer a country and take all their resources.

In this case, it’s the world they’re trying to conquer and impose a totalitarian dictatorship in the style of China with social credit scores, surveillance, censorship, etc and the covid thing was to implement the vaccine passport, which is the digital ID they had planned for years.

What does this have to do with faking a shooting, or setting up staged events that divides the people and might possibly cause a civil war?

They’re trying to kill as many people as possible, because they’re psycho eugenicists, they always started wars for weapons profits, it is making them trillions all this covid crap, and they made and released the bioweapon, if it even exists.

I’m not going to try too hard to figure out why they do what they do exactly, it’s backwards Satanic logic that most people won’t even understand, they like death and suffering, even if costs them money or also hurts them.

Some people accuse the Jews, but it’s not really them, it’s a Satanic sect that infiltrated all religions and governments, some say they’re the Khazarian mafia, drug dealers, child traffickers, just weird Satanic freaks, end of story.

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The more I go on about it the more crazy I look, the less people will believe it, and it distracts from the clearly proven and observable crimes that are happening out in the open.

But, you should always keep your eyes open for Satanists, because I’m saying they run the world and it’s really not hidden at all, they’re more out in the open than they ever were.

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