Jail For The Unvaccinated

In Austria, which has a 66% vaccination rate so far, those refusing to be vaccinated are likely to face fines, which can then be converted into a prison sentence if the fine cannot be recovered.

“For a long time the consensus in this country was that we don’t want a vaccine mandate,” Schallenberg said after a meeting with the Alpine republic’s heads of state.

“In spite of months of persuasion, we have not managed to convince enough people to be vaccinated”. You mean you need everyone to get vaccinated every six months forever? Is that when it’s enough you sick bastards?

There are 1.11 million “cases” which have been reported overall, out of about 9 million people, and that means that 111 is the number of angels, and 66 and 666 is the number of demons.

No shit, they just made it up, it’s a pile of crap, the test doesn’t work, there probably isn’t even a real virus, they’re just lying weasels trying to take over the world.

It’s like how they said there were 6,666 active cases in Victoria the day after they fired on protesters at the shrine of remembrance which didn’t stop the protests but grew the numbers to a million people last weekend in Australia.

The protests have turned violent in Austria and all over the world, people don’t like these scum, even if they happen to do what they say because they have guns.

I think you’ll find out soon enough that guns won’t be enough, because if they use them, people have their own guns, and most police didn’t sign up to be the gestapo, or to go to war against their own people.

They’re testing the limits of what they can possibly get away with, almost as though they mean to break the chain of command by inciting hatred towards themselves to start a revolution on purpose.

These politicians are at a local level probably being threatened with hack attacks, terrorist attacks of smallpox bioweapons, getting outed personally as pedophiles, and generally threatened with death by the largest criminal gang in the world to implement this new world order takeover plan.

Most people can’t put those two things together, this cabal is the same bunch of people who start wars and bomb practically defenseless villages with napalm, drone strikes, smart bombs and nuclear tipped bunker busters to make weapons profits, oil profits, heroin profits, etc.

They fail to notice that there was never a time they cared about helping old people, they want to kill old people because they’re useless eaters.

They don’t have the money or resources to keep them alive, that has nothing to do with their evil plans, in fact it’s the opposite but they can’t very well say that, or these millions of people would be carrying guns, if they had any.

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Anyway, I’ve explained this more than enough times already, and people are waking up to this evil world takeover plot that they had planned for years, and no matter what threats they make, it isn’t going to work, in my opinion because too many people get what they did.

Keep waking people up, keep showing up to the protests, and if it grows in the way it has been, it won’t be long before everyone has to admit the obvious truth, this is a scam at best, and at worst it’s a mass genocide.

Protests around the world
Street violence in the Netherlands

One thought on “Jail For The Unvaccinated

  1. The Scriptures warn us of plagues and pandemics in the last days. The NWO Globalists are in full swing with the Georgia Guide Stones and the top of that list is depopulation. Stay in prayer and do not fear, turn to the Lord for your salvation, this stuff all has to happen.


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