An Act Of War: World War Three

Yeah, living is an act of war, according to these scum who attacked the world with biological weapons.

That’s if there even is one, and I lean towards there probably is, but if there is, they definitely attacked us with it and told us they were going to.

I have to keep saying this stuff over and over again because this blog only gets a few repeat readers and it’s probable most people will only read one of these posts, if they see the site at all, so sorry if I’m repeating myself.

Once you wrap your head around that, the rest is kind of simple, we need to bring these murdering bastards to justice.

If we can possibly find and kill these horrific monsters, we obviously should, because it’s necessary to protect humanity from them, it’s just a matter of how, and who makes it onto that list.

You can’t convince me that non violence is the answer in the face of that kind of murderous crime against humanity.

It isn’t enough, although it is perhaps important in the first phase of growing the resistance and breaking the mind control.

Half the people became more submissive and more willing to follow irrational orders from their governments than ever before because they have the false belief that you have to “trust the science” and the “experts” will save you from getting sick.

No, they are the same people at the big pharma companies who were sitting around at the pre planning meeting discussing how they were going to silence misinformation about a coronavirus with Bill Gates funded fact checkers, before it happened, because they knew it was going to happen.

I can forgive some people for their ignorance, but the totalitarian nature of anyone who says that people must be vaccinated to go into stores, get medical treatment, go to work, is such that I don’t care if they figured it out or not, you don’t get to say that to anyone, ever.

Not with an experimental vaccine they developed in two hours by downloading a genetic code from China whose CDC head said they never isolated the virus.

To suggest that they should fire thousands of health care workers because they saw the millions of severe adverse reactions from the death shot with their own eyes is criminal, and if they’re saying that on TV, death sentence, for all of them.

If you ever see these people, follow them home and burn their house down, with them in it, if you have the balls to actually fight back in this war.

I don’t really expect people do, at least not yet, but they’re going to change their mind when the kids start dying of heart disease.

Some people would say that’s not reasonable, what if they think they’re helping people by denying them kidney transplants for an alleged fraction of a percent chance that it stops them from getting sick and dying from the covid?

I don’t care, they’re not helping people, they know it doesn’t stop transmission, they know it isn’t safe and effective, at a minimum, and people need kidney transplants, they need jobs to pay the bills, they need supply chains to function.

They’re killing people by doing that, they starved millions of children to death in the third world with lockdowns, and it’s totalitarianism, it’s terrorism, and if they don’t see consequences, they’ll think it’s OK to do that stuff indefinitely.

People need to wipe the smug elitist grin off the face of these scum, by killing them dead, if they are part of this vicious attack, period.

I’m not saying that’s an easy war to win, but it is a war we’re fighting, and it can’t be won by just getting out in the street and protesting, these people need to see justice, by any means necessary.

It’s not even a majority of the population who get out and protest although it is growing, there’s probably a hundred million protesters around the world now.

It’s not that many people who have the inclination to be killers, or soldiers in a war, and it’s only a few thousand who read my blog, but eventually people will realize that’s what needs to happen, and if I didn’t say it, it wouldn’t even be in the conversation.

Obviously violence is a last resort, but self defense is completely justified against the attackers, if you believe this was a pre-meditated attack that killed millions and ruined the lives of billions, which I feel has been proven at this point, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

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People like Fauci, Bill Gates, Peter Daszak, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, the WEF, the WHO, the world bank, the Rockerfeller Foundation, the Rothschilds, or any of their black mailed pedophile puppets in positions of power around the world.

Anyone who pushes their invasive narrative to the point of stopping people from working, traveling, seeing their family, or from protesting and having free speech, is an enemy in a real war, world war three, and until they actually feel the pain they’re causing, they won’t stop, in my opinion.

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