Struggling To Wake Up The Masses

My ex had the opinion that it’s impossible to wake up the masses, they’re hopelessly brainwashed, it’s not even worth trying, the aim should be to try to escape them and move far away from civilization and be self sufficient.

She was talking about living on wild possums. They terrified us enough with the vaccines even before they were released that we had the idea we would have to go bush and hide from the army trying to inject us with poison.

Now the Australian army have been kidnapping indigenous people from their homes and taking them to quarantine camps, and there has been rumors that they are being force vaccinated.

It’s not often I talk to anyone who hasn’t woken up to some degree at this point, and if I do, I sometimes assume they must be paid to act that retarded, or to push the vax by big pharma companies, the government, or intelligence agencies like Mossad or the CIA.

They do exist though, and the place I’ve seen that kind of brainwashing and cognitive dissonance before is in religious people, cult members.

Not a very religious country in Australia, but I have talked to some fundamentalist Christians.

I hung out for years in a religion and spirituality chat group on Yahoo Answers, before I was permanently banned for telling the truth in the politics section. That site is gone now.

I would try to tell them things like the bible isn’t literally true, there are countless things which have been proven that show it can’t be, like evolution is proven, that’s a fact. The earth isn’t six thousand years old, we can see evidence of that from the fossil record.

Ironically, I’m now trying to convince science believers that the science isn’t proven, because of the same type of scammers who simply lied in their books and “scientific” papers, or who created a culture of faulty group think, and it’s just as hard, if not harder.

I’ve just about given up on trying, but there’s a simple concept I want to get across to them, of great importance to many millions of people.

I don’t care if you believe that these big pharma companies are trying to save lives and only want to help everyone with their medical tyranny.

I believe they’re trying to make lots of money, depopulate the world, and gain complete control over every aspect of everyone’s lives for the new world order, which is exactly what it sounds like. Megalomaniac psychopaths.

I’d rather die than live in the prison world they are trying to create, forced to take injections of experimental poison every six months to be able to work or go into a store, because it’s morally objectionable to bully people like that, and because I think it’s more likely to kill me.

I don’t really care if they want to take the poison, but if they support the totalitarian regime that is trying to force that on me, and millions like me, and have no empathy for what that’s doing to us, I hold them personally responsible, as much as the politicians and corporations.

If you support a regime that gets a person fired from their job for not taking experimental poison, like a nurse for example, who saw what it did to people with their own eyes, then you owe them all the money they lost in wages.

You owe them because you supported the government doing these things using force which they only got away with because people like you allowed them to, while people like me loudly told you this was all complete bullshit right from the start.

You probably owe some people a million dollars in lost revenue over the rest of their lives, by your support of this criminal gang.

I think they have the right to take what you owe them anytime they want, and if you didn’t think that through when you said you fully supported it, too bad for you.

That’s how it works, you will own nothing and be happy, because by your actions as part of this cult of death, you destroyed a person’s life, and forced them to lose their job or business, and so you owe them all that money they lost, because they said so, and why wouldn’t they?

How do you think that feels to be robbed of all you have in the world by criminals lying with statistics and using the media to brainwash people? Your business, your career, your house, are you getting it yet?

I view these scum as Nazi sympathizers, various different levels of complicity, but anyone not actively opposing these crimes against humanity is guilty enough for Gehenna, and at the top levels who implemented these policies, there isn’t a single one who deserves to live.

It is my opinion that the crimes of those people are so great that to allow them to survive and not kill them for treason would itself be a crime, if nobody is ever going to hold them to account for their crimes against humanity in the courts.

To a “normie” this may sound like I’m crazy, and maybe I am, but while they were supporting people being locked inside their homes and let out for an hour a day for exercise for over a year to “save Grandma” she died of old age, at the same average age she would have, if they hadn’t done that.

The average age of death in America decreased around 2014-2018 and got better in 2020 and even better again than it ever was in 2021. 2020 was 0.01 years lower life expectancy than it ever was in the history of America.

Now, there isn’t even the recognition that the average age of death was the same as it was before covid, older than it ever was all through history, the only place they needed to protect was the nursing homes because that’s where almost all the deaths were.

They want every single person in the world to get injected with experimental poison that killed tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people, no matter what age they are, even though it doesn’t stop transmission, it doesn’t even work at all based on a lot of studies.

No logic, no sense of proportionate response, it’s waves of insanity spiraling into hell, starting from the point of world ending barbaric totalitarian madness never seen before on the planet earth.

Buy a solar/wind generator kit in case the power goes down and please share and sign up to the mailing list.

People can be conditioned to accept almost anything, but to repeat what I was saying, if you are not actively opposing this, and instead continue to express your support for this authoritarian terrorism, expect to have everything taken from you, any day now, either by the monsters you supported, or their victims.

Not looking forward to that? Didn’t expect to be fighting a war just by agreeing with the television propaganda? Then shut the hell up, you retarded freaking morons. If you haven’t woken up by now, then that’s the least you can do.

I think this is the same video that I put on the last post, the channel was terminated for telling the truth.

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