The Authoritarian Police State Of Australia

The horrific totalitarian bill that half a million Victorians were protesting to try to stop, occupying the steps of parliament 24/7, it passed, thanks to some minor party piece of crap who made a deal to sell out freedom.

There were some small changes made, but I don’t think that’s going to be sufficient to guarantee freedom for anyone, it’s the general opinion that it was so bad that the guy got death threats, they said he should go to the gallows.

“It is just that the size of the boot stamping on your face has been reduced to a shoe,” said one influential local business owner.

“Whenever you create a bill that belongs behind the iron curtain and make some changes it starts to look a more reasonable bill, but it still doesn’t belong in a democracy.”

In an article talking about how protesters were being surveilled by hacking their mobile phones to determine where they lived and how much money they made, it was suggested that Dan Andrews had a 63.5% approval rating in a poll.

That article underestimated the crowd size by about twenty times, so I’m assuming everything else they said was a lie, or as unreliable as their reporting on how many people were at that freedom rally, which was apparently larger than the previous weekend.

I mentioned how I felt about it in my last post, and just about every post I do, I think the Chinese style authoritarianism is so far beyond what anyone could possibly justify as part of a medical response to this “pandemic”, that I don’t even believe anyone could be that stupid not to get it.

I’ve made it very clear that I don’t accept them giving up my freedom for me by complying with these terrorists, and when they become instruments of that tyranny themselves, as businesses or individuals, they are just as guilty.

I have been talking about how this is all a plan to stir up civil war and civil disobedience to supposedly justify more martial law, but I honestly don’t think they will survive if they try to make things any worse than they already are.

I don’t really know how many people are on the “right” side, or how many are willing or able to fight if it comes down to an actual war, but the way to win a war, or cause a revolution is in the minds of the people.

This madness cannot go on, a conservative estimate puts it at around ten percent who vehemently oppose this evil totalitarian fascism, or communism, or whatever you want to call it.

When the hell did this become our flag?

If you assumed ten percent of that group had the will and the guns to fight them, they would outnumber the police in Victoria by more than double.

That’s not to say that anyone wants to see a gun fight, but the way they have been backed into a corner, they may have to take their freedom back with civil disobedience or even by force, and these cocky bastards shouldn’t just assume they would win that war if it happened.

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The way to prevent bloodshed is for the majority of the people to refuse to support this treasonous terrorism, turn up at the protests, start speaking out against the medical tyranny, admit they were wrong and the government were wrong, and if they don’t, I can’t imagine how anyone could tolerate them for very long.

By the way, don’t forget the worldwide protest at Australian embassies at 12pm on December the 4th.

If Australia falls to this horrible totalitarian tyranny, the rest of the “free world” is likely next, and we need all the help we can get.

One thought on “The Authoritarian Police State Of Australia

  1. Never ever surrender to this tyrranny my brothers and sisters Australiansmany people around the world are whith you fight back anyway you can bring down these commies dictators. Respect Lonewolf Canada we love you and support you .

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