The Relentless Pursuit Of Power

Great interview with Harry Vox from Unsafe Space on Bitchute.

There’s been a small number of people who’ve said I was being antisemitic by posting his stuff, I’m not saying all Jews are in on this plot, but if you follow the money there’s a theme.

He just calls it as he sees it about the Jewish bankers controlling this agenda from the top with their trillions, and after listening for a while, most people understand what he’s talking about to some degree.

I just got banned on Facebook for the 16th 30 day ban in a row, and this time they disabled my group Take Australia Back, which was not all that unexpected.

There’s a whole bunch of other groups you can join if you even want to do anything on that site, I’ll post some links to other groups mostly based in the Australian freedom movement in the text of this post.

I mostly been on Mewe, Gab, Minds, Gettr, Parler, Telegram, and I watch videos mostly on Bitchute and Odysee. There’s been an exodus away from those controlled sites, but I still use them, if they even let me use them.

The Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey just stepped down, and some people have said it might have something to do with the Maxwell trial, or maybe he just doesn’t like his site being used as a censorship and surveillance network of these scum.

I can appreciate the reason they did it, I was talking about how even a supposedly unarmed country like Australia actually has about ten percent of it’s population armed, which is over ten times the amount of armed service members.

It’s almost ten percent of the population on the streets protesting, and even if you believe that 90% took the shot, (I don’t believe anything they say), it was less than half of that before they started taking people’s jobs and preventing them from shopping at stores and traveling.

People don’t trust these scum, they never did, the media spins a bunch of lies that a minority of the population are completely convinced by, but they are a minority, no matter what the lying media says about their opinion polls.

There’s opposing vaccine passports, (most people do), and then there’s getting out and protesting, and then there’s actually taking up arms to defend against an invasive attack which is rumored to be coming in the near future, coming for people in their homes.

I don’t know how many people are in that last group, but my opinion is they need to be if they truly believe that these people are trying to kill us, enslave us, and take all our freedom and human rights.

The largest reason why they are hesitant to do that is they’re just peaceful people, they’re law abiding citizens, they don’t want to kill anybody, but these elites are trying to kill us, make no mistake about that, it’s no excuse if you “don’t believe it” yourself.

Another reason is they just don’t think the public stand a chance in hell against an organized crime gang that has the chutzpah to think they can actually take over the whole world with un-elected corporate entities like the World Economic Forum.

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They used Mossad child sex black mail operations to compromise multiple world leaders, it’s not that hard to do it would seem.

They bribed them, threatened them, brainwashed the masses, but it’s still not going as well as they would like it to, and more and more people are realizing they have no choice but to resist.

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